Blaster Master Zero 2
Blaster Master Zero 2 is the successor to the retro NES action platform game in the 1990s named Blaster Master Zero.
Blending side-scrolling exploration and platforming in the all-terrain tank named G-Sophia.
With top-down action stages as the hero pilot Jason.
This time, your journey let's you explore outerspace in a wide variety of locations and challenge mega alien bosses of all kinds.

This 2nd iteration offers lots of new alien worlds that is bound to keep you entertained for tons of hours.


Price: US$9.99
Developer: Inti Creates
Publisher: Inti Creates
Release: 20 Mar 2019
Genre: 2D Action Adventure
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Mode: Single Player

Jason Frudnick was a young genius who madea name for himself in the field of robotics.
One fateful day, his curiosity got the best of him when he encountered the unknown life form "Fred".
In pursuit of Fred, Jason fell into a subterranean world where he encountered a strange vehicle.

It was the "All-Terrain Battle Tank" Sophia-III.
The tank filled with other worldly technology served as Jason's sole defense against the mysterious muytants infesting the subterranean depths of the Earth.

During Jason's search for Fred aboard SOPHIA-III, he had a chance encounter with the tank's support droid, "Eve". As the 2 worked together to find Fred and battle the mutants, they formed a deep bond.
Their battle against the mutants took them to inter-dimensional space where they finally defeathed the Mutant Core and saved the planet....

However, it was not long before they faced another crisis.
During their battle with the mutant core, Eve was infected with mutant cells. Before long, those cells began to corrupt her body.
Unable to find any method of halting the mutant corruption on Earth, Jason along with Even and Fred departed to outer space in their new vehicle G-Sophia...
Setting off in a quest to find a cure for Eve in her home planet "Sophia".

Game Play
Space Exploration is an essential task you will need to do as in the episode one.
The further you explore  larger planets will become available.
Starting off in your multi-terrain tank, you can hop in/out of your tank anytime to go to places which your tank is too big to fit in.
Also for entering dungeons, you need to be in human mode.
The dungeons are 2D top views and requires you to explore and find treasures which will aid you in your quest.
You will also be fighting main bosses in these views.

Once you obtained the map, you can use the coordinates in the maps to guide your path.
Find orbiting planetoids and challenge the various stages to gain new parts and equipment for your vehicle G-Sophia as well as the human pilot Jason.


The Gaia System can convert falling impacts and enemy attacks into SP.
By using the planet's terrain to your advantage, you can recover large amounts of SP and use G-Sophia to its full potential!
Unless a variety of sub-weapons on enemies and recover teh SP you used in an instant.
If you completely run out of SP, the Gaia System will shut down and all of G-Sophia's parameters will be diminished for a while.
Managing your SP with the Gaia System will be key to avoiding this dire state!

Blast Counters are new powerful techniques you can use to counter enemies the moment they attack you.
The blast counter can create an opening in the enemy's defense, allowing you to deal major dmaange with the G-Rifle's various Gun Levels.
As you progress through the game, you'll acquire new and different counters.
Different enemies will be weak to different counter moves.

Fight other metal attackers and their pilots as well as gain new friends in the story.
Metal Attackers are powerful characters in the game just like yourself.

Game save is also made very convenient where you can have up to 18 different save slots. Allowing you to save different places in case you make any mistakes which prevents you from getting certain items.

  • The new tank G-Sophia is made from parts and technology from Sophia-III and Sophia Zero. Equipped with the Gaia System.
  • Support hovering abilities with it's 4 wheels that can convert into a booster jet.
  • Brand new abilities include The Gaia System and Blast Counters.
  • Wrap points allow you to jump from different planets for instant travel.
  • Sub-weapons allows you to depletes your SP to use these special weapons to attack enemies which may otherwise be immune to your normal attacks.

Date: 29-Mar-19