Playstation 4
Death's Gambit

Death's Gambit let's you take on a pact with Death to challenge giant and legendary immortals.
A 2D Action-RPG which you explore an alien medieval planet filled with beasts, knights, and horrors so dangerous it won't be a walk in the park to complete.

Death's Gambit is a challenging action platformer with deep RPG elements.
As an agent of Death bound to his service, unravel the mystery of Siradon and discover the true price of immortality.


Price: US$13.99
Release: 14 Aug 2018
Developer: White Rabbit
Publisher: Adult Swim Games
Platform: Windows (Steam), PS4
Genre: Action Platform
Mode: Single player

Reborn as an immortal after being revived from Death by a devil.
He is bound to his service to quest against other giant immortals.
Relinquish your fears and endure the struggle that lies at the heart of Leydia.
The promise of immortality lies at the heart of Siradon. As Death's right hand, challenge the undying guardians of the realm and endure the eternal struggle to purge their souls. But what reward awaits a faithful servant of Death?

Death's Gambit is a hardcore 2D action platformer with rich RPG elements. Master the precise combat, utilizing a wide variety of weapons and abilities to confront the horrors that lurk deep within Siradon. Explore a mysterious and unforgiving world to uncover the true price of immortality. Embrace the challenge of being an agent of Death. 

Game Play
Set in a medieval 2D action hack and slash genre, the game consists of various RPG elements like building up your attack and defensive skills, upgrading your abilities and attributes.
In most RPGs, when you die in the game, you lose your resource, but for this game you will drop a plume you earned.
The death dropped item allows you to level up your hero as an option.
Finding tomes in game allows you to upgrade your attributes and abilities.

The hero carries a large sword that does heavy damage ut is slow in his attack speed.
So timing your attacks is crucial to avoid getting countered in game.
Soul energy is an essential part of gaining more attack damage to your enemies, which can be earned by blocking.
Your speed and damage points can be upgraded as you upgrade your talent tree and attributes.
Aerial attacks are abilities which offers you faster attacks and can be used to doge enemy attacks.
Roll attack offers you the ability to attack while avoiding attacks, it also gives temporary buffs.

Learn to block enemy attacks with your shield is essential to survival.
Good thing is you get to learn parrying skill against enemies along the way.
Air doge is the ability to avoid getting attacked while in air also known as Takahashi's bane.
Block haste reduces cool down on abilities when used successfully.

Upgrade your healing abilities to keep yourself alive in game.
There is a regen speed upgrade that will help recover you from defensive moves.

Each enemy killed gains you shards, which can be used to purchase items from various shops found randomly in game.

Boss Fights
The bosses in different levels have a distinct attack ability and they can cast magics or physical attacks which can deal heavy damage.
Best way to dodge these attacks are to ensure you have sufficient energy before engaging them.
This means you have to constantly run away from bosses after each attack.
Defeating each boss allows you to come back to the room and take on a Heroic Rematch.
This rematch allows you to fight a higher level of difficulty, but the loot drop will be worth your effort to defeat it.

Upon completing the game, you will open a new mode called the Game+.
This allows you to restart a game from any level you wish to start from to keep the masochistic struggle going...forever.

Death's Gambit comes with various game play modes and skills options and unrestricted weapons usage, thus making your game play versatile.
Challenge against Goliath bosses (aka immortals) such as a giant golem and snake.
You get to ride on various creatures such as a giant bird and pony.
with 7 selectable classes and upgradable talent tree to up your various abilities.
To relax, there is a new Sanctuary where you can hang around.

Game Play Stage 1

Cinematic Trailer

  • Expansive World - Travel across the beautifully rendered Obsidian Vale, Witch Woods, Sanguine City, and more. Meet quirky characters from all walks of life, and uncover their narrative threads and secrets.
  • Character Classes - Choose from seven playable classes, level up, pick your favorite talents from the skill tree, adapt your strategies, and improve your chances of survival.
  • Incredible Bosses - Hunt towering monsters and other creatures of legend. Each boss is a test of skill, requiring unique strategies to defeat.
  • Non-Linear Exploration - Explore levels and bosses in a non-linear order, discover side areas with more secrets to unravel and enemies to purge.
  • Character Customization - Outfit your character with over 10 weapon types including bows, scythes, longswords, halberds and more. Harness 30 weapon abilities and spells to create your own build.
  • Heroic Mode - Defeated bosses experience a second wind in an exponentially harder heroic mode accessible immediately after defeating them. Give yourself an all new challenge and master their new abilities.
  • Evocative Score - Experience an intricately crafted score composed by Kyle Hnedak, that sets the tone for Death's Gambit's world with over 2 hours of evocative music. 
  • New Game Plus - Complete Death's Gambit to unlock New Game+ in brackets of three to set your own difficulty, and endure the struggle all over again.

Date: 23-Oct-18