Dusty Raging Fist
The prequel to Dusty Revenge after years of development comes Dusty Raging Fist will bring back more classic beat-em-up nostalgia on the 2D side scrolling platform.
The younger vigilante Dusty is aided by his team of fighters(Kitsune, Darg and Snow) to fight giant ancient deity.
Raging Fist brings in 3 simultaneous players on the screen for the first time.
A tough challenging platformer game that requires patience and lots of dexterity to master.


Price: US$9.99
Release: 14 March 2019(Switch)
Developer: PD Design Studio
Publisher: PD Design Studio
Platform: Switch, PS4, Windows(Steam)
Mode: Single-3 Player Local

When the occurrence of the dark moons began, Dusty, Darg and Kitsune knew that something was amiss.
An ancient evil from a faraway land threatened the peace of Double Bill Town.
Prompted by a visit from the helpless Elijah, the trio set off to seek the Iron Knight's help.
Along the way, they have to battle rogue villains, encounter ancient powers and face the battle of their lives.
Dusty and his team have decided to put a stop to this.

Game Play
Become anthropomorphic heroes that battle with varying enemies from weasels, rats, chameleon, floating robots, bulls.
Your secondary attacks include summoning elementals like ice shards which deals wide area damage.
While the sniper fire clears pesky enemies beyond your normal reach.
The game emphasizes on fighting hordes of enemy thrown endlessly at you.
Upgrading your hero and support character is now possible with upgrade orbs.
Unlock news combat skills as you level up too.
Each hero can summon elemental attacks, such as wind, fire, electricity and ice.
The giant bosses are your biggest challenge, fighting a giant octopus, robots, falcon and more.
The game even offers a side scrolling shooting stage in game.
Enjoy a classic beat-em with tons of non-stop action with your friends is the best way to go.

  • Co-op Play of up to 3 Players
  • Dynamic Combat System
  • Combine different elemental skills to unleash powerful attacks.
  • 3 playable beat’em up characters, and 2 combat support characters.
  • Utilize your combat support characters (Artillery & Sniper) to aid you in combat.
  • Stylistic 2D artwork and animation.
  • Pick your rides and kill hordes of menacing foes.
  • Intense boss fights

Date: 13-Apr-19