Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Three noble houses that are part of the Officer's Academy, an elite facility that trains students in the ways of weapons, magic and special skills.
As a professor, the player must choose one of these houses to lead its students in grid-based battles with life-or-death stakes.
Each house is comprised of many different students to meet and train, each with her or his own personality and skills.
These students can interact with each other at the academy, strengthening their bonds and supporting each other on the battlefield. 


Release: 26 Jul 2019
Genre: Strategy RPG
Developer: Intelligent Systems, Koei Tecmo
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: 3DS, Switch
Mode: 1-? Players

Fire Emblem: Three Houses offers an interesting perspective of combat for a Strategy RPG games.
Gather a team of various classes of heroes and use a formation that is best suited for different battle scenarios, combine different combat skills using Combat Art, cast magic with your mage to weaken your opponents or increase the ability of your team mates.
Your main protagonist will be able to use a plethora of weapons during combat mode.
You will also get to command a large army of soldiers to match against hordes of enemies.

Travel across 4 large continents and fight against more than 50 enemies in this expansive battle field.
Fight giant bosses, explore various terrains and landscapes.
All these and alot more other interesting features await you.

Date: 28-Feb-19