Playstation 4
Ghost Giant
From creators of FE and Flipping Death comes a heartfelt story in VR.
Trying to keep life together with a little help from a friend, a very big friend.
Experience a new puzzle adventure from the studio behind Fe and Flipping Death when Ghost Giant releases exclusively on PlayStation VR.


Price: US$24.99
Release: 16 Apr 2019
Developer: Zoink!
Publisher: Zoink!
Platform: PS4 VR
Genre: Adventure
Mode: Single Player

Ghost Giant is a story about a titular specter who befriends a lonely, anthropomorphic fox boy named Louis.
Who lives in an out-of-the-way part of town, where he tends the family’s sunflower farm with his mother. Using motion controls, the player can explore the town like it’s their own personal dollhouse, lifting furniture, opening buildings, pulling up plants, and more.
Help Louis with all manner of challenges that, at first glance, seem impossible to pull off.
While they often involve heavy lifting, your most important role is less physical.
It's that of being a supporting friend for a child in need of some guidance.

Date: 23-Jun-18