Peria Chronicles
Peria Chronicles is an anime inspired fantasy MMORPG with cell shaded art where you play as fantasy characters in an advanced Sandbox world.
The lively animated heroes comes with powerful spells that you can conjure for epic battles with mystic creatures. If you enjoy playing games like Tales of Vasperia, then this RPG will bring you to the next level.
With the power to create unlimited user content to play and explore such as playable mini tetris games that you can invite your friends to play with you.
Let your friends explore places you create easily using the inline world builder.


Price: Free to Play
Developer: ThingSoft
Publisher: Nexon
Players: Multiplayer Online
Genre: Sandbox MMORPG
Release: 2016 (Korea)
Platform: Windows

Game Play
Similar in concept to Mabinogi, Peria Chronicles combines an emphasis on social gameplay with a host of sandbox features.
Using Python, the game can be programmed for more powerful functions.
Casting magic attacks are easily executed much like most modern RPG games and earn new spells as you upgrade your character.
Your game characters are fully customizable from top to bottom, such as head, eyes, height, body size, skin colors.
The open world system lets you explore and battle enemies in real-time while enjoying the full length animated storyline.


Cell Shaded Graphics – vibrant cell shaded visuals give players the sensation of experiencing an anime.
User Generated Content – players help shape the world by crafting, building towns, maps, and writing their own quests and cutscenes.
Monster Training System – battle against monsters known as Kirana and capture them to fight as your companions!
Custom Game Modes – players can interact and alter any object in the game. That means they can create custom mini games such as tower defense maps!
Character Customization – make your own anime-style character with a large variety of customization options.

Fully customizable dungeon maps
Easy to create maps using editors
Programmable items using Phyton
Rich animated anime characters
Tons of monsters, magics to cast in real-time fighting sequence
Play tons of mini games such as Othello

No translation for english
Many delayed launch for international version
Available for Windows only as of now

Date: 10-Nov-17