Xbox One
Rise: Race the Future
The future of racing uses an advanced air - lifting technology that is embedded within each wheel of your car.
This new technology let's your car drift and slide in a totally different way.
You can drift and slide on water surfaces allowing you to glide over them.


Price: US$13.99
Release: 14 Aug 2018
Developer: VD-Dev
Publisher: VD-Dev
Platform: 3DS, Android, iOS, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Switch, Windows (Steam)
Genre: Action Platform
Mode: Single player

Set in the near future of race cars.
Experience racing in whole new level with Rise: Race the Future.
The cars are designed by famous supercar designer Anthony Jannarelly.
Automotive art is at it's most appealing as each car feels like a master piece, with beautiful stylish looks and every parts of the car details are so well designed.

Game Play
This arcade-style racing let's you mainly focus on mastering extreme drifts and maximizing speed.
In addition to the arcade mode, a history mode will allow the player to unlock the futuristic cars exclusively designed for the game. Throughout the progression the enigmatic sci-fi scenario will also reveal the real purpose of Rise: Race The Future.
The game environment is also set in a near future of with highly glossed looks.
The game even looks into details such as when you race across waters, droplets of water will also splash onto your windscreen.

Date: 31-Oct-18