SpellKeeper is a unique logic game with dozens of challenging puzzles and beautifully hand-drawn graphics.
Take on the role of the Chosen One and save butterflies trapped in magic cocoons.
Use various types of Magic Spells and arrange them on the board in the right way.
Challenge your brain and free all the butterflies!


Price: US$6
Release: 2 April 2019
Developer: Studio Gier
Publisher: Silesia Games
Genre: Puzzle
Platform: Android, iOS, Switch, Windows(Steam), Mac OSX
Mode: Single player

SpellKeeper is a logic puzzle game where you cast spells to save the butterflies in the kingdom.

Game Play
Cast spells as you lay your magic on each tile, which then sends energy around the tiles of the playing area.
Some spells send it in a straight line, while others distribute the energy to various tiles around the one it is placed on.
To complete each level, you must supply energy to all of the chrysalises in the playing area so that they can turn into butterflies.
The challenge is that you are limited by the number of spells you can cast, and in later levels there are obstacles.

There are over 60 levels across four different areas, which you can finished the entire game within a few hours.
There's no reason to go back and replay them as there are no collectibles or score board at all.
But if you're bored and need some light hearted game, then this game will definitely suffice.


- Easy to play
- Challenging but not frustrating difficult level
- No hints becouse is much better to solve the puzzle yourself using your brain and logic.
- Game for everyone (no violence).
- Hand-painted graphics and relaxing music.
- Thirteen language versions.
- English voice acting.

Date: 08-Apr-19