Tetris 99
Tetris 99 is a strange and mysterious game that appeared suddenly on the Nintendo Switch.
It supports large-scale multiplayer with up to 99-players together in a royale battle game.
Requiring speed, skill and strategy to knock out the competition and become the last player standing.
You can target opponents by sending them Garbage Blocks, but be careful... your rivals can target you back! Defeat opponents to acquire KO badges that may give you the advantage on future attacks.
Survive the onslaught and look forward to upcoming online events.


Price: Free! (Online subscription required)
Release: Feb 13, 2019
Developer: Arika, Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Puzzle, Stacking
Mode: 1 or up to 99 players

No doubt this could be the next rave for Tetris in an online way.
Thousands of players will be swinging into the battle mode online to have some thrill in this unique Tetris that has been a long overdue refresher.

Date: 22-Feb-19