DOTA 2 The International 2018: World's Largest eSports Tournament Grand Wrap Up
This year the TI8 has been an exhilarating event celebrating the grand finale of the best Pro DOTA 2 player in the World with an unexpected win by what is known as the Cinderella curse breaking story in history.
The grand finals did not turn out like what all the audience and the experts analysts had expected.
With some analysts expecting them to be in the 18th placement in TI8.
Even Valve had made several shuffles to the direct invite roaster from the original plan which included OG and EG being shifted to the open bracket.
The tournament ended with a tight 5 rounds in the grand finals between the European team OG and the highly acclaimed PRC team PSG.LGD.


The Finals
After going through grand finals, final game, OG and LGD went into 5 matches of close call fights.
Exciting the audience peaking into many tumultuous chants to support their favorite team.
OG managed to make a comeback after losing 2-1 and then regaining the win for the other 2 matches for a victorious claim on the Aegis of the Champions and netting the top prize for the 1st time ever in TI.
The audience started to cheer and gave standing ovation to OG for their incredible feat.
Over night, OG (Onyx Gaming) became the highest paid players in the world, and the players looked overwhelmed with joy and were seen crying stage with thousands of fans cheering for them on the Rogers Arena Stadium.

Valve have made tremendous amount of preparation for this grandiose event, having launch to provision live streaming of the TI8 event to public and steam gamers to watch streaming live video and for steam gamers to login and chat while watching the show.
Steam live stream was broadcasted in 3 languages namely English, Chinese and Russian.
In every match during the drafting, there would be AR display of heroes as each team selected their heroes.
Some of the heroes they choose would engage with the audience to clap and cheer for their fans.
This aspect of interaction engages really well with the crowd and raises the mood of event.
For every important matches, they would have the host chat with the coach for each team to talk about their drafting and after end of each match, the host would also pick up one or all of the player to talk about their win or loss.
Bringing insights into how each game was valued.

Just before the final day, Valve announced 2 new heroes, Mars and Grim Stroke. The latter is available for play immediately after the night announcement.
However, that hero was not used during the tournament by matches. Which shows that the players would not want to take chances on such big fights.

DOTA 2 The International is the world's largest eSports gaming event with the biggest Prize Pool that is held yearly for Professional DOTA 2 gamers to pit against other professionals from all around the world.
This year, the prize pool had peaked at the highest US$25 million setting a new world record in eSports gaming.

Grand Finale for the winner

Valve celebrated TI8 with the grand winner in a special late game show where they interviewed team OG about their plans and how they feel about becoming the champions.
There was also a champagne popping celebration for the winners and a live band.
The event garnered many new visitors from all over the world, including thousands of Chinese family and friends who came to support their teams especially the top favorite team PSG.LGD.

The 5 days of massive event included many other programmes such as DOTA cosplay(winners get $4k), art works by the Pro DOTA players, short film contest winner, mutation gaming with the PROs, AI bots vs Pain Gaming and Late Game event where the hosts would gather in the pub for a drink, chat and some mini games.

Best DOTA Short Films

The TI event included many new video content such as new DOTA heroes, Mara cup, cute cosplay dog predictions, TI9, exclusive interviews with DOTA teams and the real life stories about the Pro teams.

DOTA gamers who missed the grand spectacle can still capture the highlights of the show in DOTA 2 youtube channel.

Best woments and moments captured

TI9 Announcement
Date: 27-Aug-18