Playstation 5 Console And It's Release Date
Sony has some talks about plans to release the PS5 according to various reliable gaming reports.
But it might be sometime next year to stay on the positive side of view.

As for now, please check out this cool video of the Playstation 5(not official) could possible look like and it's features.
This concept video is made by designer Joseph Dumary.

There's been a leak that the PS5 will be using an upgraded AMD's Zen CPU once more.
However, the new name for PS5 remains a secret for now.
The Playstation 5 will most likely be sporting a true 4k resolution with 60FPS for all 1080p games.
Sony will also be considering backwards compatibility for it's console.
Here's another concept video that will make you ponder on the features of what the new next generation console will be like.
Which sort of garners all the features of other consoles such as the Nintendo Switch controllers.

Date: 19-Jan-19