Singapore's First Official Esports League
The Singapore E-Sports League is the definitive source of DOTA 2 rankings for Singapore teams in the local MOBA gaming scene.
Created push competitive gaming in Singapore to organize financially tournaments that are of Singapore recognized standard. It is sponsored by Armaggeddon, MSi, and SIN Productions and staffed by SIN Productions to produce the best local e-Sports in Singapore. Competitive individual gamers or teams are ranked according to their participation and standing in DOTA Pro tournaments, commonly held online via the DOTA community.
Competitive gaming in Singapore is becoming the primary outlet for professional gaming.

Price: Free to Join
Venue: DOTA 2 Online
Schedule: Weekly

Contests are held weekly and only the best of 1 is chosen to compete amongst the best teams.
Singapore Esports League is an eco-system driven to produce competitive gaming teams and drive towards sustainable gaming.
The site uses a Leaderboard to showcase the 10 teams' overall stats.
SG Esports will be offering an online store soon for gamers to buy some of their favourite game items.
Once 10 teams are registered, the site registration will close.
So register early to avoid being able to participating in this new DOTA 2 gaming in Singapore.

Date: 12-Sep-18