Square Enix new Prototype Cyberpunk Trailer
Square Enix’s Visual Works studio has published a new, futuristic “character prototype trailer” for which it is seeking creators of “new entertainment content” based on the character design. 


Some rumors has been going around to state that this special 4k trailer is developed for Final Fantasy XVI.
Just how much water these mentions holds remains to be known.

In the trailer, a team of well dressed men enter a empty temple and later to realized that Japanese robot puppets awaits to ambush them.
The leader, is a ravishing woman dressed in black and wearing a cyber eye patch.
All his men are killed and with more than a dozen puppets surrounding her at close to eye range attacks.
She releases powerful beams that kills all of them in an instance.

As she reaches the inner sanctum, she seems someone who resembles her except that the other lady is wearing white kimono.

Date: 25-Dec-18