Valve Takes Action Against Review Bombs on Steam
Game reviews of games in the Steam Market acts like a double edge sword.
When a gamer gives a good game review, the game has a higher chance of a sale.
However, if a gamer gives a negative review, it might do more harm than good.

So for the first time in history, Valve is finally stepping up to rectify bad user reviews that can affect game ratings and thus affect purchasing decisions from potential buyers.
Hence Valve has study long and hard into making this informed decision to the public that they have decided to clear negative review bombs.
What this means is that, using an algorithm, Valve will decide if any potential spam of bad reviews is happening in a game.
Once this is discovered, Valve will without hesitation, remove all these negative reviews.
However, game developers can choose to disable this feature and allow unlimited amount of reviews be it good or bad at anytime.

Supportive Stance
Game developers might be happy that is feature has been implemented and now there are at least 40% less negative reviews for most popular games titles.

Will this feature raise the purchasing power of gamers respective to the reviews?
We certainly think that Valve has put their stake when implementing this feature.

Much to the dismay of faithful Steam game fans, this causes a rancour between users who have poured in tons of hours into giving negative reviews of each game they want to talk about.

To appease the gamers, Valve is agreeable to improve their new review system and hopefully the gamers will be able to be receptive to this drastic change.

Read about the details of the Steam news here.

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Date: 19-Mar-19