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By GameMove 14-Oct-19
The annual Pokemon Go Halloween event is here for 2019, and it's bringing costumes, Yamask, Darkrai, new special research, and more!
The Pokemon Go Halloween event has a number of changes this year!
Yamask is a Ghost-type Pokemon will be introduced to Pokemon Go for the first time, along with its shiny form, which alters the black and red to blue and gold.


Venue: Worldwide
Date: 17 Oct 2019, Thursday
Time: 1pm PDT/4pm EDT/9pm BST

By GameMove 08-Oct-19
Playstation 5 has been officially announced by Sony that will be released on winter 2020!
It will be equipped with a custom SSD that runs on ultra-high speed and the loading time of games will be much faster.
The game supports 8K resolution and is compatible with PlayStation 4 titles!
PlayStation VR may also be supported.
Physical disc media will be adopted.
The PS5 runs on Ultra HD Blu-ray and the capacity a game disc is rumored to support 100GB.
This is the console that might be the real Playstation 5 as it is filed under patent by Sony!

PS5 Concept Design by Artist

By GameMove 27-Sep-19
From various parts of the world, the inaugural cosplay events has attracted tens of thousands of visitors to see some of the most exciting and most amazing costumes that sometimes requires good acting as well to pull off the stellar performance together.
From Japan to Europe to USA, there is no doubt a tough choice as many of them are spent thousands of dollars to dedicated hundreds of hours to create their costumes.

Best of Game Cosplayers 2019
Featuring game character from Borderlands, Nier Automata, FFVII, FFX, FFX2, FFXV, Fallout, Mario Tennis, Death Stranding, Metroid, League of Legends, Street Fighter, Overwatch, Attack on Titan, Bioshock, Destiny and more...

By GameMove 26-Aug-19
In one of the hardest TI tournament ever, 2 of the Best DOTA 2 Teams in the world outcome is finally out.
OG is the first in history to be a Champion in a back to back Major Tournament for DOTA 2 game.
They have just won the highest prize pool in competitive gaming too, netting in US$34 million for the biggest tournament in history!

The result of 3 wins in a best of 5 has proven that OG, despite going onto a major holiday trip to Australia has proven to improve their spirits.
The unchanged team member has proven that their unflinching dedication as a whole is effective when it fcomes to Major competitions like this.

Despite losing inexplicably to the DOTA AI developed by Elon Musk's company, it has perhaps allowed them to use this knowledge of their defeat to the most powerful game AI in the world as an advantage for their games with humans.


It was not just mere fluke to achieve this level of consistency when it comes to becoming the 1st two time champion.
Although Team Liquid got into 2nd place, we still think they have given an extremely good fight and perhaps their roaster change has somewhat made them a slightly less effective team and their moral might have been dampen with the departure of Matumbaman recently who has been a long time player who plays a major role in Liquid.

By GameMove 23-Aug-19
DOTA 2 introduces a new granny hero who has a pet dragon and she's pulling some punches on DOTA 2 heroes.

Snapfire is a granny with an adorable dragon mount and they will be joining the roster sometime this fall.

As she rides her trusty steed to battle Timbersaw and chase down a Batrider that stole her freshly-baked cookies gets a lesson for underestimating her as a granny.
Snapfire’s in-game abilities hints at using a shotgun rifle, mounted guns on the back of her dragon and what appear to be buff-granting cookies that gives her dragon the ability to throw fire ball at enemies. 

Check out the trailer below for more details.


Price: Free
Release: Winter 2019
Game: DOTA 2
Platform: Windows(Steam only)
Genre: MOBA
Mode: Multiplayer online

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