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By GameMove 20-May-19
With the prevalence of gaming on demand from Google Stadia which was announced in April 2019 has gotten their competitors to get up from their chairs and putting their acts together.
Google Stadia will be the next generation of high definition console gaming without having to own expensive hardware at home and playing in real-time with your friends from all over the world.
Using Google's advanced streaming technology to accomplish this feat.

Sony Entertainment will be working together with Microsoft to up their ante in terms of content streaming and AI solutions.
With Microsoft Azure being the one of biggest cloud platform solution for real-time streaming solution and plethora of AI, business intelligence suites.
It is a move that Sony has opted as a strategic disposition to gain more online gaming options and better quality gaming network to their gamers.


By GameMove 17-Apr-19
In a bid to fight the console wars against Big players like Google, Playstation and Nintendo, Microsoft is rumored to be trying to gain more customers by reducing their price to US$100-$200 for their Xbox One S by skimming production costs from removing support for physical disc games in the console. With current trend of more games being available on the digital stores, customers have a much better option to buy games online at their convenience as compared to traditional purchase from brick and mortar shops. However, gamers a lamenting on the issue of having no physical copies of the game which means no reselling of their games. It also affects gamers with slow network to download modern games which can take up to 15gb and above! Other issues such as resale value and people with no internet will also suffer from these inherent problems. One big problem would also be that all your games would be tied to your user account, and if you lose it, all your games will get locked out too.
By GameMove 20-Mar-19
Much to the fanfare at the GDC 2019.
Google finally announced their new game platform, a highly guarded secret for years for it's take on the console war against Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Playstation and Steam.
Introducing Stadia, Google's next generation high performance gaming console that sits not in your device or desktop, but in the Google gaming infrastructure.

The unique Google console will require no heavy investment in up front hardware nor do gamers need to worry about future upgrades.
Gaming with full frame rates on low end machines will no longer be an issue as the game processing will not be done in your local machine.

All you need in the future is just a fast Internet / Wifi connection and a Stadia controller or just about any game controller will suffice plus a decent monitor to run HD games on the fly.
No more long downloading time to play your favorite games, or long loading times to start up your game.
All you need to do is login using the Stadia browser and access to games which will load in just 5 seconds.


The available games and prices will be announced at a later date this year.

Price: TBA
Release: Late 2019
Developer: Google
Engine: Custom
CPU: 2.7Ghz x86
GPU: HBM2 Memory
OS: Linux

By GameMove 19-Mar-19
Game reviews of games in the Steam Market acts like a double edge sword.
When a gamer gives a good game review, the game has a higher chance of a sale.
However, if a gamer gives a negative review, it might do more harm than good.

So for the first time in history, Valve is finally stepping up to rectify bad user reviews that can affect game ratings and thus affect purchasing decisions from potential buyers.
Hence Valve has study long and hard into making this informed decision to the public that they have decided to clear negative review bombs.
What this means is that, using an algorithm, Valve will decide if any potential spam of bad reviews is happening in a game.
Once this is discovered, Valve will without hesitation, remove all these negative reviews.
However, game developers can choose to disable this feature and allow unlimited amount of reviews be it good or bad at anytime.

By GameMove 10-Feb-19
With the Lunar New Year festive holidays arrival on Steam this 2019.
Game publishers have gotten to promote their best games on promotional prices.
Check out some of these below.
For every purchase of more than US$25 entitles you to a $4 discount in Steam.
This promotional offer is valid till end Feb.

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