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By GameMove 30-Dec-15
Want to learn about the 12 Zodiac Animals in a fun way?
Enjoy this fun filled puzzle game where kids of any age can quickly learn to play.
Easy to master and easy to win.
The catch is just how good are you?
Compete with your friends on high scoring.
Your scores will be saved online.

Price: Free
Release: 10 December 2013(Beta)
Developer: GameMove
Platform: Flash
Mode: Single player
Genre: Puzzle

By GameMove 18-May-17
About a girl that loves candy so much she's brimming with joy.
Join her while she connects all of the tasty treats in this match 3 puzzle game.
Comes with bonus coins awarded for each visit to the game.
Certain candies have special abilities to trigger candy rain letting you clear alot of candies at once and earn higher bonus points!

Candy Types
  • Rainbow candies are special candies that will clear all candies in a direction.
  • Spiral candies will take out all candies of the same color when activated.
Boosters - Let's you swap 1 candy with another candy you choose in the grid. (Bonus item)

Price: Free
Genre: Puzzle
Platform: Web

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