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By GameMove 06-Apr-18
DCS world is a hyper realistic and detailed simulation game that covers from Air, Land and Sea and yet gives you tons of different models of units to choose with ecstatically rendered landscapes from various regions of this world is a rarity.
Disposed from the stunningly beautiful graphics that offers great music together and is free to play, there is no game that would feel this close to the level of commitment to deliver.
Feel the excitement of flying the Su-25T "Frogfoot" attack jet and the TF-51D "Mustang" in the free-to-play Digital Combat Simulator World!
DCS World is a vehicle combat simulation game created by an inspired development team.
DCS World uses a powerful engine that delivers realistic gameplay.


Price: Free to play(Offers in App Purchase)
Released: 17 October 2008
Engine: Eagle Dynamics Graphics Engine (EDGE)
Developer: Eagle Dynamics
Publisher: The Fighter Collection
Platform: Windows(Steam)
Genre: Simulation
Players: Single, Multiplayer online
Version: 2.5

By GameMove 21-Jun-17
Angry Birds Evolution is back in a unique change of perspective since disappearing for the past half a year after it's beta ended.
Providing a fresh take on a 3D isometric top view rather than the traditional 2D platform format. Offering a Angry Bird movie like quality graphics and spotting the common birds featured in the movie as well as many new birds never seen before.
Akin to the Angry Birds Epic, it plays similarly with the exception by slinging birds toward the enemies to defeat them.


Price: Free (Offers in-app purchase)
Developer: Rovio
Publisher: Rovio
Release: 15 June 2017
Genre: 3D puzzle Strategy game
Players: Single, PvP

By GameMove 30-Apr-18
Marvel End Time Arena is a MOBA type game, which sees Marvel superheroes and villains neck to neck in a destructuble interactive environment, kind of like Dota or League of Legends.
The game started developing back in 2014.
But little to no news has been heard from it except when an Alpha Game was opened for players back in September of last year.
But a few days ago, Stove, released the Beta version of the game and made it available for players.


Price: Free to play(In-app purchase)
Release: 30 Apr 2017 (Beta)
Platform: Windows(Steam)
Genre: MOBA
Developer: Smilegate Entertainment
Publisher: Smilegate Entertainment
Players: Multiplayer online
Language: Korean

By GameMove 12-Apr-17
Set in the morbid world like the Alien and Prometheus movie.
You enter in an immersive world as an alien being exploring HR giger & Zdzisław Beksinski art styled like world.
Enter a biomechanical realm where it is filled with ribbing, pumping, throbbing, squicking, and glistening meat everywhere.
Not for the faint hearted, this game is filled with grisly monstrosity of unnerving aliens.
With no cut-scenes hints and no straight answers, you will be left with your guts and wits to thrive and survive.
Check out the trailer to get a glimpse of how the alien world feels like.


Price: TBA 
Platform: STEAM(Windows)
Developer: Ebb Software 
Genre: Horror FPS
Player: Single

By GameMove 15-May-17
Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age improves upon the classic FINAL FANTASY XII with more beautiful art and enhanced game system introduced known as the Zodiac Job System.
A high-definition remaster introduces several modern advancements, including reconstructed battle design and a revamped job system. 
With stark visual and sound improvements, players both returning and new will experience a grand adventure that spans the world of Ivalice in an entirely refreshing way.


The original game was released in March 16, 2006(FFXII).

Price: US$39.99
Release: 11 July 2017
Platforms: PlayStation 4
Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Genre: Action RPG
Player: Single

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