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By GameMove 08-Mar-16
We know that in every great game, there will be a heroine that gives you a lasting memory in your life.
Whether as a small role or a lead character in a game that you will use to face certain challenges, explore scary scenarios or to fight against seemingly impossible bosses.
In these games, we believe the game developers have chosen to use a female protagonist as its the only way to make that game great to make the game a great title for success.
In recognition of some of our favourite games with female characters in them, we urge you to join us in this discussion on your favourite heroines of all time.

By GameMove 24-Apr-16
Spellspire is a spell-bounding word game and action role playing game.
Pick letters from a grid to spell words and shoot them from your wand as spells. The longer the word, the bigger the blast!
Blast fiends by spelling words and make your way to the top of the Spellspire!
Collect gold dropped by slain monsters and buy more potent wands, hats and robes with magical special effects and abilities.


Price: Free (In-App-Purchase)
Release: 26 May 2017
Platform: Android, iOS
Developer: 10tons Ltd
Genre: Word Puzzle
Player: Single

By GameMove 29-Oct-17
Aer is an adventure game of pure exploration among the clouds.
You play as a mysterious one armed girl with the ability to transform into a bird to explore a shattered world of floating islands, nomads and secrets of old..
Soar the skies and see a world of floating islands, where exploration will be the key to unlock secrets and progress through a story leading you to the end of the world.

The gods of old are forgotten, lost in the events that shattered the world, leaving only fragments of islands in the sky. This mystic world of endless skies, colorful islands and ancient ruins is in danger of falling into darkness. As one of the last few shapeshifters, you are sent on a pilgrimage to the Land of Gods. Uncover the secrets that will help save reality itself.

Winner of Game Concept Challenge 2013.

Price: US$14.99
Release: 25 October 2017
Developer: Forgotten Key
Publisher: Deadalic Entertainment
Platform: Linux, Mac OSX, Windows (Steam)
Genre: Adventure
Players: Single


By GameMove 07-Jul-17
Explore a globe-trotting 3D adventure with Mario's new abilities to collect Moons so you can power up your airship, the Odyssey, and rescue Princess Peach from Bowser's wedding plans!
From the incarnation of the 1996 N64 game called Super Mario 64, this game will set new heights of game play on completely new grounds.
An evolutionary sandbox open-world where collecting coins with no game over screens will appear no matter how many times you try to die. 
Mario embarks on a new journey through unknown worlds, running and jumping through huge 3D worlds in an expansive world aboard an airship.


Platform: Nintendo Switch
Release: 27 Oct 2017
Players: Single, 2 players Co-op
Genre: 3D Action Adventure
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo

By GameMove 30-Apr-18
Marvel End Time Arena is a MOBA type game, which sees Marvel superheroes and villains neck to neck in a destructuble interactive environment, kind of like Dota or League of Legends.
The game started developing back in 2014.
But little to no news has been heard from it except when an Alpha Game was opened for players back in September of last year.
But a few days ago, Stove, released the Beta version of the game and made it available for players.


Price: Free to play(In-app purchase)
Release: 30 Apr 2017 (Beta)
Platform: Windows(Steam)
Genre: MOBA
Developer: Smilegate Entertainment
Publisher: Smilegate Entertainment
Players: Multiplayer online
Language: Korean

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