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By GameMove 13-Nov-15

Bayonetta 2 (ベヨネッタ 2) is the action packed sequel to Bayonetta which was formerly for the Xbox 360, Windows and PS3.
The game brings more action packed punches, weapons, costumes, spells, monsters and bosses that will truly challenge your skills and wits.

Bayonetta is back and with more moves and styles than ever before.
Wield wild weapons and execute deadly moves - like the powerful Umbran Climax - to take out angels and demons in this breathtaking action game.
Team up with friends in 2-player online or local wireless co-op fights (additional accessories required; sold separately.)
Bayonetta is a butt-kicking, havoc-wreaking witch who wields sweet weapons like pistols, whips, hammers, flamethrowers, and poison bows.
But it's not just about brawn - it's also about style.
Bayonetta is deadly but sleek, with moves like Witch Time that slows down time itself, and the all-new Umbran Climax - a special magic attack that summons Infernal Demons to devastate enemies.


Price: US$49.99
Release: 20th September 2014 (Japan), 24 Oct 2014 US and Europe.
Genre: Action Adventure
Platform: Nintendo Wii U, Switch
Publisher: Platinum Games
Developer: Platinum Games
Genre: Action Adventure
Player: Single

By GameMove 26-Nov-17
For fans of the pugilistic world, this game will engross with the mastery of the Martial arts fantasy inspired by the genius behind Wuxia writer JinYong.
Moonlight Blade Online is a semi-sandbox open world Action MMORPG game with lots of new and unique features making it different game from typical western or korean grinding mmorpg.
The game has fully customizable characters that let's you change the looks in anyway you want unfortunately there are no options to customize your physique but your dressing wardrobe will come with all kinds of clothes for you to choose from.
While enjoying romantic novel stories and music in between, you beautifully rendered landscapes will be the main draw to keep you exploring this game.
Will exploring the world, you can engage in high action attacks that spills blood with each move of your blade against enemies in real time.
Since in production 2014, the game has garnered thousands of fans worldwide and many wuxia fans are awaiting for the final release.
Sadly this game is in Chinese only, but the good news is plans for a western port will be coming soon.


Price: TBA
Release: Currently beta for China (Official release TBA)
Platform: Windows
Developers: Tencent
Players: Multi-player Online

By GameMove 11-Dec-15
In gaming history, this is one of the first cross-over game that is made from 3 different game companies.
Sega, Capcom and Bandai Namco have joined forces to create the ultimate game heroes combined together.
Creating this specially for the game fans out there.


Game characters from Fire Emblem Awakening and Xenoblade Chronicles of previous 3DS game will appear in this version too.
Different from the sequel Project X Zone, new game characters will appear in this sequel.
By GameMove 13-Sep-17
The adventure of a life-time is at your fingertips in this colossal MMO RPG game.
While hunting for legendary dragon eggs, travel through a universe without limits, meet players from all over the world, and create your own legend.
Fight unique creatures and fearsome bosses, take up a profession, make use of your resources, become the leader of a guild, lead raids, participate in tournaments...
With DOFUS Touch, there's adventure everywhere for all players.


Price: Free (In-app purchase)
Platform: Android, iOS, Windows
Release: 15 Sep 2016
Genre: MMO RPG
Developer: Ankama
Players: Single
By GameMove 25-Feb-16
Mass Effect: Andromeda takes players to the Andromeda galaxy, far beyond the Milky Way.
There, you will lead the fight for a new home in hostile territory as the Pathfinder - a leader of military-trained explorers.
Control your destiny by making choices throughout the game which will ultimately determine your survival.
Experience a new way of travel in Mass Effect 4 Andromeda.
Become a space explorer by warping through hundreds of solar system that is 4 times the size of Mass Effect 3.
With new enhancements added such as character features, biotic weapons, new races and multi-player mode.


Price: US$59.99
PlatformPS4Xbox OneWindows
Released: 21 March 2017
Developer: BioWare
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Player: Single, Multiplayer Online (1-4players)

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