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By GameMove 13-Nov-15
Advanced Warfare is Sledgehammer first Call of Duty title where they are the primary developer, following the supporting work they did on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 alongside Infinity Ward in 2011.
The game was released on November 4, 2014, but a special edition titled the Day Zero Edition, which came with bonus in-game content, was released on November 3 for people who pre-ordered the game.


Price: US$59.99
Release: 4 Nov 2014
Platform: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.
Older versions released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
Developer: Sledgehammer Games, High Moon Studios, Raven Software
Publisher: Activision
Genre: FPS Shooter
Player: Single, Multiplayer Online

By GameMove 29-Dec-15
Enjoy a family-friendly fun skii game this Christmas season.
Play as Sven's sister Evana, share the action in multiplayer mode, perform awesome new tricks on snowboards and skis, and ride on crazy new animals and watch out for the avalanche!
Escape from forces of nature and team up with friendly animals as you race down the mountain!


Price: US$0.99
Release: 30 Sep 2015
Developer: Sleepy Z Studios Pty Ltd
Player: Single
Genre: Action Platform

By GameMove 13-Nov-15
Looking for a tasty soup? Well this game certainly has a corny name tagged to it.
It is influenced by roguelike games and uses procedural generation for parts of the game.
The game has two modes: Story mode follows a story and is more like a typical role-playing game, while Survival mode skips the story and focuses on the surviving within the game and constrains players with permadeath which once the player character dies, the game must be restarted from the beginning.

Price: Free (In-app purchase)
Release: 3 Nov 2015
Developer: Grimm Bros
Publisher: Ubisoft
Platform: Steam(Windows), PlayStation 4, PS 3, PSVita
Genre: Action Adventure
Player: Single

By GameMove 22-Nov-15
Super Dangerous Dungeons is about Timmy, a little thief- err, treasure hunter, who has arrived to a deep and dark dungeon, ready to face the dangers inside to claim the biggest treasure in the world.
This game sets you thinking to solving maze puzzles and avoid deadly booby-traps.
Designed as a side-scrolling platform game, with simplistic controls that lets you play this game with ease.
By GameMove 25-Nov-15
This game is a HD remake of the classic game called Odin Sphere on the Playstation 2 platform.
Odin Sphere is an artistically styled 2D fantasy action RPG inspired by folklore storyline filled with mythical creatures and magical wonders.
Originally released in May 2007, the game tells an interlocking stories of five different protagonists.
Consisting of five stories, where each protagonist's story is connected to the royalty of each of five warring nations in the world of Erion.
These five stories overlap and interconnect, and the protagonist of one story may be the antagonist of another.
Most importantly, if you enjoy beautiful animated graphics, this game has all of these plus no more lag issues experienced in previous version due to hardware limitations back then.

It is considered a spiritual successor to the 1997 game Princess Crown and takes some concepts from Norse mythology.

: US$59.99
Released: 14 January 2016
Publisher: Atlus
Developer: Vanillaware
Platforms: PS4, PS3, PS Vita, PS2
Total Stages: 7
Music & Sound: Basiscape
Previous Version Sold: 96,280
Genre: Action Adventure
Player: Single

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