A Plague Tale: Innocence
From the creators of Light And Shadows, comes another epic adventure game.
A girl named Amicia will have to take decisions that will cost her part of her soul.
How far will you go in order to keep her alive?
Rats are the embodiment of the plague, the physical interpretation of an intangible disease.
It's the element from history that was marred by these live destroying rodents.
They are both an obstacle for the player, a key narration element, and a triggering factor.


Price: US$44.99
Release: 14 May 2019
Developer: Asobo Studio
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Genre: Horror Adventure
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Windows(Steam)
Mode: Single Player

Within the quiet hamlets and serene villages of the great kingdom of france, the ground begins to quake.
Armies at the gates. disease within the walls. plague everywhere.
In ancient chronicles and lengthy scripture, the wise men look for answers.
There are none. Whatever drives this plague, it is not for us to answer.
This swarm, this unnatural amalgamation of biting teeth, glowing eyes, and twisting tails, it knows no mercy, no glory, only a devouring hunger.
In its midst stand hugo and amicia. orphaned. lost. alone, but together. They must fight to survive.


Amicia is a young, headstrong girl with an assertive personality. She wants a life filled with adventure.
She shows a progressive attitude, but she is also quite egocentric.
She’s not used to sharing or opening herself to others, which will be a real challenge for her.
Hugo who is her brother has been isolated from the rest of the world since his birth.
He's afflicted by a mysterious illness and takes up all of his mother's attention.
It has given birth to jealousy in Amicia and contributes to creating a tangible tension between the two kids - who effectively barely know each other.
Béatrice De Rune is almost exclusively taking care of Hugo, neglecting her daughter.
She has knowledge in alchemy, taught by her mentor, a physician named Laurentius.
Her knowledge allows her to treat the illness that manifests in her son, who has been in quasi-quarantine since his birth.
The Inquisition is first and foremost a symbol: that of fear.
At its head, Vitalis is ahead of his time.
He's motivated by faith, but a very personal kind of faith.
And even if his methods are brutal, he's convinced his work is for the greater good.
The orphans appeared very early in the concept and contribute to our exploration of the childhood theme.

Follow the grim tale of young Amicia and her little brother Hugo, in a heartrending journey through the darkest hours of history.
Both of them must endure hoards of rats, vermins and even human eating humans that plague the cursed lands.
Use traps, fire, hidden escape paths, your quest is to bring both of them out safely.
And discover the hidden truths behind what is causing this great disaster throughout the land.
Stealth will be required most of the time to prevent being caught.
Your characters do not rely much on weapons as this game does not focus on action based attacks, but rather through understanding the environment and using it to your advantage.

The game art focuses on inspiration from classical paintings, like those from artist Claude Lorrain, a 16th century painter, to create our environments.
There is a certain shade and color in his paintings, with soft and orangish skies that give a stroke of romanticism and oneirism to the picture.
Date: 14-May-19