Astellia is the evolution of the modern fantasy MMORPG that fans have been waiting for.
Astellia is a AAA MMORPG where players collect dozens of magical companion fighters known as Astells, take them into battle in open world content, competitive team battlegrounds, massive persistent three-faction warfare, and tons of group and solo dungeons across the game world.


Price: US$9.90/month
Release: 21 Sep 2019
Developer: Studio 8
Publisher: Nexon
Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam (Windows)
Genre: Massive Multiplayer Online RPG
Mode: Multiplayer Online

Explore the mystical land in Astellia and choose a protagonist of your choice.
From high armour powered "Warrior", or a Sword slashing "Rogue" to holy healer "Scholar, cast spells as "Mage" or multi-attacking "Archer".
There are more powerful classes of characters which will be announced soon.
Whichever class you choose, you can customize their looks which by default looks like super models from another world.
You can also enjoy riding on your own familiar which each have their own distinct characteristics.
Such as the cute fluffy dog that can bark and pose like a real dog.
The details added to the animals brings depth when compared to other MMORPGs.
The game allows you on going solo against small enemies to ganking large monsters and bosses which is the main emphasis of the game.
But it's never a tidous task even if you go solo on dungeons which are for solo questing.



Companion System
Dozens of Astels to acquire, level, and build effective support teams that can combo directly with your character based on classes and skills.

Customizable Skills & Combos
Player Skills have various facets that can be upgraded for different results; reduce cooldown, improved accuracy, increased damage etc etc

Holy Trinity Class System
5 Unique Classes that each serve a purpose; Warrior, Ranger, Assassin, Scholar, Mage

Robust Dungeon System

Solo Dungeons

Group Dungeon

Scaling Dungeon Difficulty Levels

PVP Arenas

Competitive Arena between Players

Solo & Group Versions

PVE Arenas

Horde Mode Content

Solo & Group Versions

Large Scale PvPvE Content

Avalon is a persistent Tri-Faction Map where players vie for dominance each week.

In-depth & Rewarding Crafting System

Date: 07-Mar-19