Asura Online 斗战神
Asura Online is the most ambitious MMORPG game developed by Tencent to date.
Featuring many characters based on the legendary Deities in Chinese Legend Journey to The West.
It will be bound to attract people who are fans of Wu Kong and new gamers looking for a fresh take in the MMO scene.
The game sets in the world hundreds of years later after the Journey to the West story.
Heroes are born in this troubled times to pursuit for ideals in a new era to seek for truths whilst in the reign of a dark lord, controlled by powerful sorcery and monsters.
You play as a hero that can collaborate with other players online to fight menacing battles and unfold the truth to break free the shackles from the Gods and learn about the Buddha powers.
While the game is still in beta, you can get to play this free MMO game with your friends and experience the rich and beautiful world of ancient china and how interesting the story unfolds to the players.

Released: 18 Aug 2016
Developer: Tencent Quantum Studio
Publisher: Tencent
Platform: PC
Players: Multiplayer online
Language: Chinese
Game Play
Get to choose from six different class of heroes. Each class has their own unique fighting abilities and powers.
Taking on as Demon beasts, they are vicious and menacing humanoids.
The armour of the human characters are based on a romanticised version of Tang Dynasty armour.
The game plays like a multiplayer online battle arena, Diablo, and an MMORPG rolled into one.
The isometric angle of the camera lets the player fights and use skills in style and comfort.

Game Character creation can be intriguing and you can have hours of fun just by crafting your own perfect model in this game.

The game provides quick auto travel function for convenience.

Battle System
The combat style follows that of MOBA games.
But using a new system designed by Tencent called Combat 2.0 Mode.
Which gives players a real-time battle system with more interesting perspective to engage with players.

In the new Combat 2.0, the positioning of the players against the monsters are realistic.
Differing monsters have varying turning speed. E.g. a larger monster will turn to face the players slower than a small monster.
This crucial strategy allows players to plan their moves to avoid being attacked by monsters and to determine what type of attack, defense or upgrade skills they should focus in.
The Combat 2.0 is a real-time technology that requires the server to synchronize with the concurrent users playing together which was never before achievable.

As the game is a Free-To-Play model, you do get to buy items to upgrade your heroes costumes, skills, weapons, and armour.
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Date: 11-Feb-16