Atelier Dusk Trilogy Deluxe Pack
A trilogy of alchemy themed titles from the "Atelier" series, characteristic for its gradually dilapidating Dusk world and the fascinating characters that inhabit it.
With character designs by Hidari, the Dusk world is richly depicted.
This deluxe pack contains
Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk DX
Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky DX
Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea DX

Price: US$89.99 (These titles from the Dusk series are now available priced as a 3-game set)
Release: Jan 14 2020
Developer: Koei Tecmo Games
Publisher: Koei Tecmo Games
Platform: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows(Steam)
Genre: JRPG
Mode: Single player

Atelier Dusk Trilogy Deluxe Pack is a compilation of 3 new games into a single package as the name implies.
3 different adventures set in similar backgrounds and portrays the story of alchemists in different places in an unrelated way.

Atelier Ayesha
The first title in the "Dusk" series, set in the ruined land of Dusk. Ayesha, a young herbalist, goes on a journey to find her missing sister Nio and unlock the secrets of alchemy and the glowing flowers.

Main Casts
Ayesha Altugle
CV (JP): Marina Inoue
CV (EN): Erika Harlacher
An earnest girl with a big heart, Ayesha spent her days in a remote atelier making medicine using herbs and rare plants. However, after learning that her missing sister was still alive, she sets out on a journey to bring her back home.

Atelier Escha & Logy
The second title in the "Dusk" series. Escha, a girl focused on ancient alchemy, and Logy, a boy who studies contemporary alchemy, meet and are soon engrossed in the mystery of the "Dusk". Learn the truth as Escha or as Logy to bring the pieces together.

Main Casts
Escha Malier
CV (JP): Rie Murakawa
CV (EN): Marieve Herington
The bright and lively new officer of the Development Department, Escha wants nothing more than for her alchemy to help make others' lives easier.

Logix Ficsario (Logy)
CV (JP): Kaito Ishikawa
CV (EN): Max Mittelman
A serious and efficient young official dispatched from Central City, Logy is reassigned to the Development Department despite his knowledge in the newest alchemy techniques.

Atelier Shallie
The third title in the "Dusk" series. Shallistera, burdened with a mission, and Shallotte, a girl with a grand ambition, join together in search of the secret of the "Dusk" to fulfill their own dreams. Explore as Shallistera or as Shallotte to discover the full secret of the "Dusk".

Main Casts
CV (JP): Kotori Koiwai
CV (EN): Shelby Lindley
Calm yet earnest with a strong sense of responsibility, Shallistera is the daughter of the chief of a traditional ship clan. As a severe drought ravages her homeland, she sets off to the distant oasis city of Stellard to find assistance.

Shallotte Elminus
CV (JP): Sumire Uesaka
CV (EN):Sarah Williams
Bright, cheerful, and often acting without consideration, Shallotte is the owner of her very own atelier. Although she currently only gets menial jobs, she dreams of one day "hitting it big".

Artist Hidari
An illustrator who works in various fields - from character designs for console and mobile games, illustrations for light novels, to concept designs for animated series. Among his works from the Atelier series, "Atelier Escha & Logy" was chosen to be adapted into an anime.
Most recently, he created the character designs for "The Magnificent Kotobuki" anime series.

Enhanced graphics and high resolutions on PS4 and Switch.
Use the new "Run" feature to dash across fields! And the "Fast-forward Battle" feature will speed up battles even against powerful enemies!

Date: 14-Jan-20