Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019
Call Of Duty requires faith and loyalty.
A fan of the series usually has hope that "The New One" is going to be perfect.
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare releases later this year and we have seen a massive amount of footage.
Infinity Ward have being tasked with trying to win back a lot of consumers with them ditching the Activision brand and concentrating on titles like Fortnight.
The Call Of Duty fan is a bit battered, but extremely skilled and dedicated to the series.
Infinity Ward hits with a round of beta testing, starting with gamers that pre-order on playstation on September 12th.

Price: US$59.99
Release: 25 Oct 2019
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Infinity Ward
Platform: Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC
Genre: FPS
Mode: Single Player / 2v2 Gunfight mode / Multiplayer.
Crossplay: Yes

On August 1st, selected Youtubers and influencers joined ranks of the elite that have tried the newest Call Of Duty.
This was initial test to see how they interacted on the new multiplayer modes.
Many of them were impressed with the new engine that Infinity Ward has been working on for the last 3 years.
However, the consistent complaint with these popular viral media providers in the absence of a Minimap.
The Minimap, (a gameplay mechanic used to pinpoint enemy locations) had always been present in the multiplayer within the “core” mode.
Infinity Ward was recently warned by these influential people, that the lack of Minimap might cause a lack of interest in the new title.
For any players used to the hardcore setting, this won't pose a significant difficulty.
The Minimap is generally absent from those modes anyway.
Activision has clarified that the game will feature teammate outlines despite geometry and walls blocking view.
Infinity Ward do have some tricks up their sleeves to encourage players to come to the game.
Kill-streak rewards are returning, no longer will you have complicated scorestreaks to get your rewards.
Personal and team UAV will be appearing along with Advanced UAV for those red dot seekers.
Players of a higher skill will be interested to know that the classic Harrier will be back along with the fierce-some Pave-low.

COD Season 2

The fight continues in Season Two is free starting 11 February 2020.
- More Weapons
- More Maps
- More Modes
- More Gunfight
- More Ground War

COD Season One DLC
The biggest drop of free content in COD history is here.
Receive iconic maps like Crash make their return, as completely new maps are introduced.
New weapons are available for your Gunsmith grinding to use across a sweep of new modes and Special Ops experiences.

The Gunsmith was revealed along with the multiplayer and the customisation is fierce.
The new attachments that can be applied to your load-out are plentiful, as guns have 30 to play with.
With the explanation given by several commentators that suggest you can customise your weapon to act like a weapon of another class.
Users will be able to take an assault rifle and make it like an LMG or a SMG.

Pick 10 is gone.
Introduced to us in Black Ops II, Pick 10 was the system used for players to choose their load-outs.
Weapons, Attachments and perks all cost a single point. 
Users had 10 points in total and had to select from all the different choices to create their perfect build.
In Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, we are going back to mandatory perk selections.
Wether or not that means pro perks are back, thats still to be announced, though because they are a staple of Modern Warfare’s history, it’s safely on the cards that they will return.

What we don’t know yet?
Nothing official has been released in regards to Spec Ops.
No information can be read about Domination or Kill Confirmed.

Many have speculated on what could possibly be included within this edition of Modern Warfare.
A rumour that has been confirmed is that Activision are scrapping the season pass business model and including updates for free.
This is an optimistic approach but we have to be cautious.
We are yet to see what monetisation scheme that they have to replace the season pass.

Date: 29-Jul-19