Darkfall New Dawn
In a sandbox world where empires collide as individual players leave their mark as leaders, merchants, crafters and fighters of legends.
The infamous MMORPG Darkfall was online in 2009, it was the fruit of Aventurine Studio.
With many players spending countless hours visiting Agon, killing Alfars, and teaming up to conquer this world.
Alas, during a dark night of November, Darkfall disappeared into the tenebrous depth of the Web.
It needed to come back to life: keep entertaining all its fans and achieve the perfection the original dev team was aiming for.
So a new team of engineers has brought it back to life.
Since 2016, the developers have continuously worked on and improved the game so everyone can finally enjoy a complete and final version.


Price: Monthly(USD$13) / Quarterly(USD$35) / Bi-annual(USD$62)
Released: 26 Jan 2018
Developer: Aventurine SA
Publisher: Audiovisual Enterprises SA
Players: Multiplayer online
Game Play
A typical day in agon starts with completing quests, fighting monsters or unlocking
new abilities to improve your character.
You can PvE while making friends at spawns.
You can also join existing friends and try to find a semi safe spawn to farm together.
There are PvE hotspot spawns where you go raiding and kill enemies in their racial lands.
Form a village with your clan and sell local resources to the other side of the world using a caravan and share profits.
Game allows you to make different racial wars, raid enemy holding, hunt monsters. (eg. krakens, dragons)
Just before you end the game, you can setup your meditation queue to keep leveling while you sleep.



Open World
Experience large scale battles in a giant openworld.
Darkfall: New Dawn is running on a single non-instanced server.
There is only one and unique Agon.
You cross path with thousands of players wherever they are, from the fields and forests of the wilderness to the damp dungeons and bustling cities you'll be fighting over.

True Action Combat
  • Skillful Fast Paced Combat
    Master projectile physics and full character collisions. No hidden tab targeting here, only first person view for ranged and a close third-person view for melee combat. Be aware of your positioning, aim your spells & arrows, and defeat your enemy!
  • Physics Based Movement
    Trades stuns and roots for an array of displacement effects. Knockback enemies off of cliffs, launch yourself forward or pull a friend out of trouble with spell and abilities designed around movement.
  • Roam The World In Style
    Agon is large and there are no instant travels.
    Speed up your travels with a variety of mounts and vehicles.
    Get ready to sail wild seas and explore foreign lands at the other side of the world!
Freely create a character that fits your natural strengths and play style preferences.
A character's alignment represents its standing with its racial faction.
All characters start being blue (positive alignment), and all negative actions towards allied players will result in losing alignment and becoming red.
On any loss of alignment, a character's track record is reset to zero, more than halving any quest rewards for multiple weeks.
Once a character's alignment becomes negative, it loses access to the safety of racial cities and becomes a free target for everyone.

  • The Races Of Agon
    Darkfall: New Dawn pits 3 racial alliances over the control of Agon.
    In traditional heroic fantasy fashion, Humans, Elves and Dwarves are allies, facing Mahirims (a race of wolfmen) and Orks.
    Standing on their own, the Alfars: the cave dwelling creations of a living god.
    These three alliances are asymmetrical which you'll need to consider when choosing your race.
  • All Race and All Class Clan
    If your clan can't agree on which racial alliance to pick, you can form "All Races, All Classes" clans, aka ARAC clans. Beware, members of such a clan will be considered traitors to their races.
  • The Humans Of Mercia
    Having the shortest life span of all races, the Human of Mercia are, by nature, highly resourceful, adaptive and face each and every challenge with a fierce determination.
    Thriving in trade and all things mercantile, the Mercians have built the most affluent empire on Agon.
    Their home cities lie amongst the verdant fields and forests of southeastern Agon, among the ruins of the long lost empire of Chal d'Ela.
    With their incredible versatility of mind and body, humans are the jack of all trades.
  • The Mirdain Of Mirendil
    The ancient Mirdain are an elven people who reside among the giant trees and sweeping valleys of southwestern Agon.
    The diplomatic elves prefer subtlety to open warfare, but when conflict is the only option, the Mirdain fight with an innate grace and fluidity, moving through battle like a leaf in the wind, striking their enemies with lightning precision.
    The grace and ancient beauty of the Mirdain is matched only by their endless patience.
    They consider a good plan executed immediately to be prone to failure…
    Victory is the perfect plan, executed in the perfect moment.
  • The Dwarves Of Dvergheim
    Excelling in all things techno-magical, the ancient wisdom of the Dwarves dates back to the earliest days of Agon.
    This nation of stout warrior-engineers follows the ancient teachings of the Mastersmith Ymir.
    In his final days, he laid out a 20,000-year blueprint detailing each step the Dwarven civilization should take to elevate itself above all others.
    Today there is but one final page of this blueprint to complete.
    The rock-hewn strength and earthen wisdom of the Dwarven people is a combination that makes them formidable allies, and incredibly fearsome enemies!
  • The Mahirim Of The Tribelands
    The wolf-like Mahirim combine the instincts of the natural hunter with a fierce spirituality that makes them a truly proud and formidable race.
    Having emerged into civilization only recently, these lupine hunter-warriors built their society among the plains and steppes of northwest Agon in the area known as the Tribelands.
    The origins of Mahirim society are shrouded in mystery and a subject most Mahirim will react to with violence.
    While truly imposing and impressive in size, the Mahirim hunter is a swift and deadly shadow, and his prey almost always… too slow.
  • The Orks Of Morak
    With a bestial strength and volatile temper unmatched by any other race, an irate Ork is one of the most fearsome sights on Agon.
    With active volcanoes to the north, and putrid swamps to the south, the Orkish lands of Morak are a perfect reflection of their natives, fiery and unforgiving.
    The Orks value might above all, living in a constant state of war with the humans and dwarves bordering their homeland.
    To the Orkish mind, might truly makes right… and the rest can burn in the fires of the Great Dragon.
  • The Alfar Of Nagast
    The cunning Alfar, a race as cruel as their homeland of Nagast.
    As dark and unforgiving as the bleak landscape of their home, the Alfar relentlessly serve their insane god-king Melek.
    Sleek and almost diminutive in stature, the Alfar dart through battle like deadly poisonous shadows, striking their enemies and casting their dark magics before disappearing into the darkness of the night.
    Unlike the other races, the Alfar do not have nor want any allies, only seeking dominion over all, and the fruition of their masters twisted machinations.
  • Open World Farming
    You are no longer alone with a refreshingly old-school spawn farming system.
    Pull monsters and take them down as a team while you bond with the players on the other side of the screen.
    Find friends in the wild or relax with those you already have!
    Challenge yourself for greater rewards.
    When multiple players fight at a specific location, monster fight back harder.
    They will increase in difficulty, but will also yield more loot and provide more experience.

Open World Dungeons
As all things in the game, dungeons are based around risk versus reward.
Kills and loot can be shared, and will improve with more players.
Anyone can and will join you, for better or for worse.
You gain recurring source of gold and meditation for daily quests.
Dungeons provide one of the best source of gold and meditation through recurring quests.
For less time spent in game, you use meditation to continue progressing your character while offline.

Player Housing And Villages
Villages with housing plots are spread across the map.
Houses are unique and can be shared by a small group of players as guests.
They serve as respawn points, local storages and even as store fronts for their owners.
Make yourself at home.
Village capture and taxes.
These villages can be captured by clans to gain local resources, and ongoing gold & meditation rewards.
Contesting villages is a great practice for getting a group up to speed as a unit and train for wars to come.
Become the king of the hill.

Holdings And Wars
Clan and alliances can form clans, and these clans can form alliances. This is a diplomatic game just as much as it is about actual combat prowess.
Find the strongest of allies, use attrition strategies and make the best use of propaganda to beat your enemies.
All is fair in love and war.

Large scale combat and conquest.
Sieges are the pinnacle involving hundreds of players in battles over holdings.
These holdings are a limited resource in Agon, and you should always expect someone to look at what you have and want it.

Date: 16-Apr-18