Detroit: Become Human
From the creators of the hyper-realistic game Heavy Rain, comes a blockbuster movie like game about Artificial Intelligence with human like emotions.
After 6 years of development, this game has finally answered the prayers for the fans.
The game is played from the viewpoint of 3 Sentient Androids namely Connor, Kara and Marcus.
You will control and lead them to change Detroit history in the year 2038.
What decisions you choose will determine the fate of other Androids and people.
However there are no true right or wrong answers.
The Game is developed by French game development and made exclusively on the PS4 console.
Do note the game consists of many use of profane words, hence is not suitable for children.


Price: US$49.99 (Collector's Edition, US$59.90)
Release: 25 May 2018
Developer: Quantic Dream
Publisher: Sony Entertainment
Platform: PS4, PS4 Pro
Genre: Action Adventure
Mode: Single Player

Inspired by the short called Kara, Detroit is a neo-noir thriller set in the near-future city of Detroit.
As the new world changes from a motor city to an Android city in Detroit, more androids will roam and help out on human's mundane chores.
And as low as $7900, people can buy artificial people and take them home as servants.
Androids, who look exactly like human beings, have replaced humans in most tasks: they are workers, babysitters, gardeners, nurses, teachers, clerks.

The story of Detroit starts with an unexplained incident that begins to affect the Androids.
Some disappear without any explanation, others have unexpected behaviors and strangely show signs of emotions.
The rumors of deviant androids start spreading, but no one seems to know what’s really happening.
Marcus who is the rebel of Androids will be racing to stop robots from taking over the world.


Game Play
Your journey will bring you across the lives of 3 different android characters with distinct characteristics crossing-between various chapters.
The 3 AI protagonists are:
Kara, housekeeper who must care for a little girl named Alice.
Connor, a prototype police model whose assignment is to round up deviant androids.
Markus,a carer model who believes androids should share equal rights with humans.

The game music speed is synced to the event in-game and you start off as Connor, the AI police investigator with an incredible ability to scan, search and analyze murder scenes and reverse back to see the events that lead to the consequence in a time-reversal ability just a few seconds before the crime occurred.


The realistic environment with detailed surroundings brings a fresh sense of excitement as you peer into the future of crime-solving involving Androids as criminally charged as they kill to protect themselves.
The game offers a well-blended immersive experience that range from various time and day as you progress in time.

The game emphasizes heavily on you controlling sometimes through dialogues and walking around, searching for clues, examining objects with your controller stick.
In Kara's gameplay, you would have some fast-paced actions based on QTE(Quick Time Events) that challenge your critical thinking and questions your moral quandaries.
During the QTE, you are required to make fast decisions using various parts of your controller to execute the actions, such as the square, triangle, circle, and x button.
There will be other interaction such as swiping your PS4 touchpad and jolting your controller to the side in order to avoid attacks or dangerous collisions.
The game offers real-time results of your success in your mission on the screen to let you what you choose is a good or bad choice.

You get to appreciate from the perspective of an investigator with the victims as you chat, negotiate, interrogate other Android.
In the game, making life and death decisions can mean either that person will help you in the future or cross your path as an enemy in the future.

The game renders out in higher resolution giving better lighting and realism, hence if you are someone who has an affinity to hi-def games, using the PS4 Pro to play will be your best choice.


Date: 07-Apr-15