If you can DREAM it, you can PLAY it!
Explore and play in an ever-expanding Dreamiverse bursting with games, music, art and everything in-between and beyond.
From the award-winning creators of LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway, Dreams is an ever-expanding game universe that is exclusive to PS4 only.
There will be a 3-4 hour tutorial game which you follow a jazz musician who recently abadoned his job to go slaloming through 3 distinct settings in a trio plotform in a melancholic and emotional story-telling which manifest through visual spectacles such as a beak charcoal crow that are manifested from nightmare.
To battle the source of nightmares, you have to battle along a gamut of game genres from point and clicking, twin stick shooter, platform jumping,
You can also explore, experience, and play in limitless imagination of games created by players from around the world.
The game will be supporting PSVR mode soon.

Launch Trailer

Release Trailer

Price: US$39.99
Release: 14 Feb 2020
Developer: Media Molecule
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Genre: Open world
Platform: PlayStation 4
Mode: 1-4 players local, Single Player online
Compatible: PS4 Move controller

Dreams is an extraordinary, ever-expanding game universe where you can discover community-made games from around the world…and learn to make your own.

The latest evolution of the studio's Play, Create, Share maxim, Dreams gives you the opportunity to unleash your creativity. Bring your ideas to life with innovative, easy-to-use tools, then share them with a global community.

Whether you want to create games, music, paintings, animation, sculpture, movies or anything in-between, Dreams is an extraordinary digital playground where anything is possible.

Game Play
The latest evolution of the studio's Play, Create, Share experience; Dreams also gives you the opportunity to unleash your creativity, building, sharing and bringing your own ideas - or Dreams – to life in the online Dreamiverse platform, all with the easy-to-use, innovative tools Dreams was created with.

What is Dreams?

Story Mode

How to Create Your Own Game in Dreams

Create Your Own Environment

User Creations

From games to gadgets, music to movies, puzzles to paintings and literally anything in-between… this is a beautiful playground of creativity where everything is possible.

Play in the Dreams of the game makers at Media Molecule. Experience a fun-packed story across three different genres as you explore with your customisable imp guide.
Or just get lost Dream Surfing through the creations of the global community, continually discovering new content in the ever-expanding Dreamiverse.

Create your own Dreams in the Dream Shaping mode. Whether you're a total novice, a budding artist or a master movie maker, the toolkit and tutorials help you every step of the way.
If you can picture it in your mind's eye, doodle it in your notebook or hum it to your friends, you can bring it to life in Dreams.
The incredible power of creativity has never been so accessible.
If you have a Playstation 4 move controller, it will be easier for you to control your intentions when creating art forms such as paintings and 3d models.

Share your Dreams with the world, and rate and review other players' Dreams… or even remix their ideas into all-new experiences. Build your own social network as you follow other players, find like-minded creators through player persona profiles, work together on projects, take part in community challenges and earn valuable Dreamstones as you play.

Date: 10-Jan-19