Dusty Raging Fist
The prequel to Dusty Revenge after years of development comes Dusty Raging Fist will bring back more classic beat-em-up nostalgia on the 2D side scrolling platform.
The younger vigilante Dusty is aided by his team of fighters(Kitsune, Darg and Snow) to fight giant ancient deity.
Raging Fist brings in 3 simultaneous players on the screen for the first time.
A tough challenging platformer game that requires patience and lots of dexterity to master.


Price: US$9.99
Release: 14 March 2019(Switch)
Developer: PD Design Studio
Publisher: PD Design Studio
Platform: Switch, PS4, Windows(Steam)
Mode: Single-3 Player Local
File Size: 2:4 GB
Genre: Action, Fighting, Platforming

The story begins with rising of two dark moons with one being bigger than other.  When these two moons lit up the sky darkness began to fall, calamities began to shake the towns and villages across the land.  Causing Kids to go missing, plague and death to spread across the land without mercy.
However one day a lone stranger appeared at foot of the catacombs and faced the evil head on!
A huge flash of light lit up the heaven's and peace was restored to the lands...

However though the darkness had been sealed away for now... It was only a matter of time before moons would rise again and evil would return to land.

Game Play
Gameplay in Dusty raging fist is your typical beat-em-up with some light platforming / RPG elements and some unique partner / summoning  mechanics thrown in for good measure. 

There are 3 characters to pick from...

- The plucky Dusty the rabbit who welds dual revolvers and a beam sword.
- Swift and cunning Kitsune who uses dual swords and throwing stars to make short work of her enemies.
- or the buff, ready Darg who charges into battle with brute force and muscle.

Each of the 3 characters have there own unique attacks and move sets which can be unlocked by gaining experience through defeating enemies and finding hidden chests.
These experience points can then be use in the upgrade screen in pause menu.  Leveling up ether your main character or partners, summoning abilities. 

There are 15 levels to play through in Dusty raging fist.
Each level will have you defeating different enemy types as well as searching for upgrades, crystals and trying acheive max combo in each level. 
Each successful completion of a level with everything collected within will reward you with 3 star ratings.


Plenty of details goes into the design of the visual's of each level. 
The backgrounds, foreground objects add real sense that you're in different types of environments like the ice cave with it's huge skeletons and jagged rocks or steam-punk theme level with raging thunder storms, rain and mechanical structures. 
There's plenty of unique environments to explore and some later areas looks stunning.
Little effects add to the visuals thus making it feel as though you are playing through a cartoon. 
Thus providing a rewarding experience to complete the game.

Fighting in Dusty raging fist hits mostly all right notes. 
Each character has light attacks which can be performed with Y button. 
Heavy attack with the X button.
A projectile ability that can be used with A button, holding button lets you perform secondary ability. 
You can move with left analog stick and jump with B button.
You can also perform double jump by pressing it again while in the air and you can attack with light or heavy attacks in the air for a ariel assault.
You can also roll to dodge attacks with ZL trigger and air dash with ZR trigger which is useful to pass through hazards or enemies.
And you can use summon abilities once your crystal icon is filled up.

Helping hand
One of the unique things about Dusty raging fist is the partner characters that you can call apon during play.  
These two individuals have projectile attacks that you get to control with analog stick and Y button to fire.
You can call apon a panther with a sniper rifle to take pot shots at enemies or a lion with a mortar launcher which can destory things blocking your path like boulders or damage groups of enemies with fire rounds.  
Both abilities are really useful especially during boss fights. 
However there's more... you can also summon gods to do your bidding.
These elemental gods can fill the screen with one huge unique attack that kill or deal heavy damage to enemies and bosses.
These can be collected as you progress.
There are some hidden gods to find which is a nice inclusion to replay levels again.
Each partner's summon ability requires energy to be used.
Blue crystals can restore your partner bar which is located just above your health bar. 
While defeating enemies, collecting green energy can recharge your summon bar.

Each god you uncover will grant you their power to summon them into battle and they can grant you there elemental attacks that will enhance your basic attacks.
These can be selected with the direction pad inputs and lets you swap between; Ice, Thunder, Rock, Dark energy at press of button. 
Each element has different effects that can cause different stats or effects on enemies you are fighting such as freezing them with a ice element or shocking them with thunder.
These extra abilities sets Dusty raging fist apart from other beat-em-ups.

Music is very well done and sets scene for mayhem that you will encounter during your adventure.
Real sense of impending doom with some of the tracks help build the tense as you approach the final fight. 
This makes the experience a more enjoyable one.
Voice acting is used throughout the game during in-game cut-scenes as well as intro's.
Which is a nice inclusion. 

You can play the whole game solo, which I did and found experience on normal difficulty pleasant one only struggled once or twice against certain mid level boss.
But add other 2 friends locally to mix and it can be great couch co-op. 
Each character shares one leveling up bar and all points are pooled.
All partner characters and summon abilities can be leveled up with the experience you gain in chests and from fallen enemies.
By pressing + button you access the upgrade screen and put experience into either your character to unlock new move sets, upgrade allies or your god powers.
It will probably take multiple playthroughs to level everything to it max though. 
And having extra person along for the ride would help you to gain experience more quickly.

Haven't got bad things say about dusty raging fist.
My only issues are that game is pretty short, doesn't appear to be any extra content to unlock after completion.
Apart from returning to levels and trying collect things you missed on first play-through and find all the hidden god powers.  
It's a decent beat-em-up with light platforming that works.
There are two unique rides available while playing that spices up game play a little but these are short distractions.  
Main hook here is the unique partnership and god abilities that make this fighting adventure a pretty enjoyable one.
It's not the longest game though as there are only 15 levels which can be beaten within 4 hours.
If you don't get stuck on any of bosses that is... else it may take longer.
I couldn't stop playing it though and found it quite addictive and really like unique mechanics that game has to offer.
If you are looking for new beat-em-up with little light RPG elements and platforming, ability to play locally with up to 2 other friends, than this may be for you! 

Gameplay – 75%
Visual – 80%
Audio – 70%
Value – 70%
Overall - 70%

  • Co-op Play of up to 3 Players
  • Dynamic Combat System
  • Combine different elemental skills to unleash powerful attacks.
  • 3 playable beat’em up characters, and 2 combat support characters.
  • Utilize your combat support characters (Artillery & Sniper) to aid you in combat.
  • Stylistic 2D artwork and animation.
  • Pick your rides and kill hordes of menacing foes.
  • Intense boss fights

Date: 13-Apr-19