Falcon Age
Falcon Age is a 1st-person action adventure where you build a symbiosis with a feathered friend.
Learn to hunt, gather and fight to reclaim Ara's cultural legacy in the lost art of falcon hunting against a force of automated colonizers.
Your quest is to escape the prison with the help of your feathered bird and explore this dystopian dessert world.

Price: US$19.99
Release: 9 Apr 2019
Developer: Outerloop Games
Publisher: Outerloop Games
Platform: PlayStation 4, Windows(Steam)
Device: PS VR / Occulus Rift (optional)
Mode: Single Player

Experience a dessert like world, blend yourself immersively into the Virtual Reality with a VR headset and share your experience and joy with a falcon.
The world has been colonized by robots and your quest is to free the people from their clutches.

Game Play
With a titular relationship between your feathered friend, you have to learn to explore and obtain materials to aid in your quest.
You will need to ask it to run errands for you while you explore and solve mysteries such as gathering materials.
With objects like fruits you pluck from a tree, you can literally attach it to the bird's beak by putting any item you pick up and put it in front of it.
Using your hands, you can request it to catch prey, pluck needles stuck to the poor bird.
Gather materials and build your arsenal of weapons and defense.
Your falcon can do other feats as well other than flying.
The outcome of the storyline will be based on your decisions and conversations with the people and robots.

Date: 05-Apr-19