Fantasy Westward Journey 梦幻西游
If you have not tried any adventure games from the east, this game will give you a reason to. As it currently tops the Apple iTunes mobile game for chinese game.
With over 8 million players currently.
This MMORPG game is about fulfilling your fantasy quest to become a superhero.
Adapted from the popular PC game Fantasy Westward Journe II.

The story is about apprentices of the 3 realms fight against Chi You for Tang Dynasty’s peace, and it also refers to the stories of the 5 characters that went on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures.

Release: Oct 2018
Price: Free (In-App-Purchase)
Platform: AndroidiOS
Developer: NetEase Games
PublisherNetEase Games
Language: Simplified Chinese
Player: Multiplayer online

The new martial arts of Fantasy Westward Journey Mobile Games comes with small Buddha and the Demons!
Become a demon with one heart, free from samsara!
The ever-changing arts and crafts set sail for the dream, and Guofeng first showed off his private collection!
Thunder, water, fire and soil, the four series of spirit beasts, discovered that the three realms are against the sky! Shuangdan event is ready to go, enjoy fun and fun!
Intimate social, classic round, everyone loves to play, "Fantasy Westward Journey" mobile game, exquisite painting style, excellent skills, gorgeous special effects, audio-visual shocking.
Map darts, masters to catch ghosts, easy voice communication battles, manual control automatically switch to your heart's content, diverse and fun to play, attract hundreds of millions of players to travel westward!

Game Play
Select from 3 races, and 6 clans, including the Human Alliance’s Tang Government and Mt. FC, the Asmodians' Ridge of Beasts and Nether World, as well as the Immortal’s Palace of Dragons and Mt PT.
New heroes includes the martial arts Leiyin, the Buddha and the Demons who can attack and defend freely.
Variety of martial arts experts where you can roam through the three realms that come with thousand of changes, and in national exquisite style!
In contrast with the PC version, the mobile version takes advantage of popular time travel elements at the beginning of the in-game journey and also incorporated more humorous dialogues and elements.

New Pet Systems Gameplay

Ghost busting: 20+ players can team up to start the quest.

Auto-combat is supported in the quests.
Winners of the quest earn item rewards.

Apprenticeship: Every level 15+ player can accept 20 apprenticeship quests every day to earn experience, silver rewards and clan contribution points. Clan contribution points can be exchanged for various items and used to enter a contest for the top apprentice award.

Escort Mission: A solo game where each player can talk to certain NPC to start mission.
There are 2 difficulty levels, the lower level with ordinary silver while the higher level with advanced silver. Different levels grant different rewards.
After starting a quest to escort goods, a certain route will be marked for the player.

  1. The four series of spirit beasts are naturally transformed, and their talents are extraordinary!
  2. Shuangdan Carnival Welfare Awards, fun and fun!
  3. New martial arts, Xiao Lei Yin
  4. The tyrant Huang Mei opened a sect, and the buddhas and twins bliss pure land! The power is unrestrained, and the Three Realms are free to attack and defend freely!
  5. Variety of art, escort three realms
  6. The ever-changing art show of the national style, set sail in the name of love! Private collection of out-of-print styling, sign in to draw cards to unlock surprises!
  7. Four-line spirit beast, natural illusion
  8. The thunder, water, fire, and earth turned into shape, and the four series of spirit beasts came to dust! Exclusive Nedan each shows its abilities, and elemental equipment is waiting for the king to explore!
  9. Double Dan Carnival, Welfare Award
  10. Christmas surprises and surprises, New Year wishes good luck again and again! Fun battles in bubble puzzle city
Date: 05-Apr-15