Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X is the 10th story of the Final Fantasy series, albiet in no relation to the previous game.
Tidus and Yuna are intertwined in a complex love relationship.
Not because of a third party breaking up their romance, but rather because of a complex love situation because of magical forces beyond their control.
The game offers breathtaking cut-scenes seamlessly integrated into the game.


Release: 19 Jul 2001
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Square Enix
Platform: Playstation 2, PS Vita
Genre: Action RPG
Player: Single
In traditional JRPG sense, this game offers lots of beautiful cutscenes in rendered graphics that brings a romantic universe of Final Fantasy literature into this game.

Original FFX Romantic MTV

A lovely song that matches with the lovey dovey couple in one of the most romantic game story telling in it's series.

Game Play
You start off as Tidus, a young resilient boy who sports playing Blitzball and has a stoic figure with feather like gold hair.
His friends includes:
Auron: Veteran swordsman whose stolid demeanor doesn't quite disguise that he clearly knows much more than others.
Wakka: A big guy with a big heart, who quickly befriends Tidus.
Lulu: A sultry yet emotionless magic user.
Rikku: An upbeat girl with a mysterious heritage.
Yuna: She is a summoner with beautiful long hair and kind soul who dances to summon elements or demi-gods.
Kimahri: A silent creature that's a cross between a man and a lion in bluish hues.

Using a sphere grid, the system allows a flexible upgrade path for each of your party characters.
With this you can raise attributes such as strength, hit points, magic power, agility, and even teach new spells and special abilities.

Weapons upgrading can be done through by adding special properties to your weapons and armor.
Though most equipment you earned in quest will have particular properties already ascribed.

Summoning Aeons to fight against incredibly powerful foes, which can prevent your team from getting wiped out by massive damage attacks from bosses especially.
If your Aeon is defeated, he will hide back and can be revived once you reach a save point.

Fight against hordes of gigantic, villainous monsters and other ungodly creatures summoned from another universe.
The fighting scenes are turn-based and each character in your group have a timing meter bar which needs to replenish before you can control and make moves.

Journey on a pilgrimage trip to various sacred temples and solve complex puzzles to unlock hidden doors.
Yuna will gain new Aeons on each completion of the unlocking each secrets in the temple.

Completing various side quests will earn you rewarding secrets which cannot be purchased else where.

Blitzball is one of the non-optional mini game that allows you to gain cards to increase your players attributes to shoot the ball out of a spherical water ball like stadium.
Players are floating inside this magical floating water sphere and have to deliver the ball past the defenders, goalie to score a point for his team.

Get to ride in Chocobos, go for monster scavenger hunt and earn great prizes for capturing various beasts out in the field. 

The game contains lots of cinematic scenes with enchanting music that is soothing to hear when Yuna sings her summoning tunes.

The game may be linear in it's path, but thanks to the extremely large and expansive world, this helps prevent you from getting lost and wandering around aimlessly.

The game offers from 40hrs to 200hrs of RPG challenge.
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Date: 02-Jul-14