GOKEN seeks to bring back everything that was right about gaming in an action packed open world environment in the form of the good old Action RPG genre in the pugilistic world and have the old school gamers tremble in nostalgia.

This japanese game offers isometric sword fighting action in smooth animation and beautiful lush environment.
Giving you full freedom to roam in the 3D open world.
Obtain the 5 swords which each have their own unique ability to use.

Price: US$14.99
Release: March (Switch), 29 September 2017
Developer: GIANTY Inc.
Publisher: GIANTY Inc.
Platform: Windows(Steam), Linux, Switch
Mode: Single Player

Long ago, when gods lived amongst people...
There lived a swordsman who was given five swords forged by god himself.
Using these swords, the swordsman brought peace and order to the world. 
People called the swordsman, "Wielder of the Five Swords"...
One day, during a fete to praise the gods, the blades of the swordsman turn against the gods for reasons unknown.
One of the gods, Ozone, furious with all his powers, sealed the swordsman away at the top of a mountain now known as Swords Peak.
This tale begins 5,000 years after the battle between the two, near a the small village of Cardina.

Game Play
One might be forgiven to think that this game is built by game giants, as the game is well made.
However being an indie title, the game will not fall short to impress retro gamers on what it has to offer.
The game starts off with a short story and you will get a good tutorial to understand the game mechanics.
Once done, the game gives you full control over your hero.
Once done, the game gives you full control over your hero.
Fight big rabbits that carry swords, white carrots that spring from the ground and 3 tailed fox that run after you.
A nice feature is the game let's you see through foreground objects that block your hero's view.
Concoct your own unique potions using herbs that you collects along your quests.

Seamless open-world game mechanics
While the game features a rather old school "quarter view" mechanic, the map transitions and event scenes, even the combat is all seamless as can be to enhance the overall gaming experience.
Real time strategic action battle system
Utilizing 2 primary attack buttons, users can assign different weapons to each button to create a unique combo that fits the users need as they go.
Monsters, bosses and stage gimmicks can require a specific type of weapon at times creating opportunities for users to strategize their best route of approach.
Customizable Tattoo system
Utilizing "tattoos", users are given specific points upon leveling to get the protagonist inked as a form of powering up so it could be built to one's own.
Raising MAX HP and Stamina, learning new and special moves are just a few of many ways players are able to customize their character depending on their play style.

Date: 11-Apr-19