Heroes Evolved
Heroes Evolved is an ambitious cross platform game that you can play it in almost any platform.
Supporting wide choice of devices such as Windows(Steam), iOS or Android device, the convenience to bring your game anywhere is there.
There are various modes of game play too, you can opt to solo(with bots), with your friends or just random players online. There's never a season to feel lonely in this game.
As a free-to-play 3D MOBA, it bears similarities in game play from League of Legends and Dota 2.
Based on fantasy themed heroes and LoL stylized graphics. With myriad of heroes to choose and a friendly narrative tutorial making it an easy reach for newcomers to this game.

Note: Windows version is no longer available.

Price: Free (In-app purchase)
Genre: MOBA
Release: 23 Jan 2017
Publisher: R2
Developer: R2
Device: Desktop PC, Mobile Phone and Tablet
Platform: Windows (Steam), Android, iOS

Zakar, the Sorcerer King, forced humanity underground 300 years ago.
Now, valiant heroes fight for their people’s freedom, testing their skills against each other and the vicious monsters that continue to plague mankind.

The graphics are pleasing and have similar style of "League of Legends" and "Strife".
The minions look alike between Strife and LoL.
The interface looks simple and straightforward. Besides a few niggling bugs, this game does its best in terms of variety and hero designs.
When you play on mobile, your account can only be linked to either Facebook, Google Play Store or Apple Play Centre.
So for Windows Players, you need to login with your Facebook account for synching your profile.

The Chat system provides a different section for different users. However there is no country based chat except for US only.

Akin to League of Legends and Strife, the game attempts to borrow inspirations from them.
After completing your first lesson, you can begin with draft or all pick match.
An initial invite will auto pop out consistently to prompt you to play.
Some of the hero abilities, looks are crossed between LoL and DOTA.
A good point is this game offers a more satisfying game play on mobile.
However for desktop version, there is much to be desired for the demanding MOBA industry.
View the video for the PC version below

There are a few decent modes to choose from.
  • SOLO - For advanced players who wants to join Solo or party matchmaking and play against others of similar skill level.
  • CO-OP - Practice solo or with friends that take on bots (good to improve your skills before you play with real humans online)
Weekly freebies - random give a hero out of 13.

The uniqueness of this game is that maps are divied between solo and party player.
All map have same goals (to destroy enemy Aegis)
The map size are the same as size as Strife or LoL, however you can't hide in grass.
There is a Roshan in game which you can kill to give bonus buff to heroes who are not in respawn mode.
  • Altar of Strife - All Pick matchmaking ranked game (Gain extra Gold + XP) (Avg time 30-40mins)
  • Valley of War - Single Draft Matchmaking game (Avg time 15-30mins) You can limited heroes available in game. (Gain extra Gold + XP)
  • AOS All Stars (available for solo player only)
    A special place where its locked for pro players only. (requires bronze rank of 1300 pts)
  • All Pick matchmaking ranked game (Gain extra Gold + XP) (Avg time 30-40mins)
  • Custom Map - In this section, you join other players online that other players online have created.
    You can also create your own lobbies and invite friends to play in game.
    Note however there are no XP or gold obtained in playing in lobby.
    The best part of the custom lobby is you can create a 10v10 game in Altar of Strife map.
Starting off with only a hero + 1 free after completing the tutorial. You can opt to buy heroes from the store.
With up to 85 heroes to choose from.
There are stats recorded for each hero you use.
You can earn medals for each hero you have by completing matches when you hit certain stats.
You can also pep up your heroes with purchased skin for up to 112 skins availabe currently and more added regularly.

Buy items - Asists you in unlocking items, leveling up your stats faster and gain bonus gold.
A special item called the VIP card can be purchased to boast your VIP status in game for a month.

Allows you to buff your attributes by a tiny fraction, which you can use gems or gold to buy.
Using your glyphs in game will damage it afte pro-longed use and must be repaired using gems.
The jewels you purchase can also be merged to further strengthen it's powers to boost your stats.

A special feature which allows you to trade items with others online.
Unfortunately most of the items on sale all look alike and only 2 unique items on trade.

You can customize your Avatar look with a few default hero faces.
You can also customize look of wards, courier and teleport effects.
You can also view replay of matches you have played in game.

In the Leaders menu you can view the ranks of other players by weekly popular heroes and heroes with most kills and assits.
In the leaderboard, you can easily see stats of popular heroes used and their stats for each map.

Newbie friendly offers a last hit support enable checked to give you that ease of attack.

If you are level 20 and above, you can recruit a disciple who is less than lv 15.
Earn treasure keys for mentoring.

You get to spin once or 5x, requires alot of gems to gain some rare items.

There are a good mix of heroes that the game has provided.
In terms of the artwork, most of them are very intricately aestatic, however some heroes do look too lifeless.
Some default costumes for the heroes actually look better than the paid ones.

Buying gems with real money can be made. 
It costs from US$4.99 for 500 gems to US$199.99 for 20,000 gems.

The mobile version brings more straight to the point actions, where the tutorial cuts straight to the basic task of movingm buying, using abilities and attacks.
Alot of simplification in mobile but it feels more refreshing and more fluid.
There are no shops for mobile version, so when you earn enough gold, buyable items will appear on the top right.
Watch the mobile version below

When purchasing an item that have activation will show the item activation button on the bottom right beside your abilities.
Your hero is controlled differently in mobile, using a joystick and buttons on the screen makes you feel more in control than the PC version.
When clicking on attack, your hero will automatically move towards enemies near by or simple attack if it's within range.
There are no collision detection in mobile thus making movement easy.
The heros earned are also different than the PC version, gaining Guan Yu as your first hero.
Following on, most of the game play will follow the pc and in terms of graphics, we're impressed the mobile was just as good as the desktop version.
Frame rates for mobile version goes up to 30FPS, for desktop is 60FPS.
The nice thing of the mobile version is you can choose just as many heroes and costumes as the desktop version.

Play it anywhere on mobile or pc.
Fast download.
Account synchronization. (different platform using same account*)
Matches are recorded for desktop version.
Tons of heroes and costumes to buy.
Some heroes are rotated to be playable on weekly basis for players below level 10.
Trail heroes - One off try out of a hero.
Daily events - Complete these events to earn more gold!
Regular updates and maintenance.
Penalty for defaulters (reduces rage quiters when playing online)
Annual tournament to win real money.

Minor bugs in initial login and anonying language prompt at each start up.
Adding Friends can be cumbersome as there's no proper search of players in steam.
Match making takes very long.
Some elements of Play to Win.
Hero selection are not unique, the opposing team can choose the same hero you might have. (However not more than 2 of the same hero will appear in game)

Date: 12-May-17