Hot Wheels: Infinite Loop
Experience the insane challenges of real-time 8-player PVP racing while you smash, crash, and stunt your way to victory!
Collect legendary Hot Wheels cars like Bone Shaker, Twin Mill, Shark Bite, Rodger Dodger and more while upgrading your fleet to compete in the ultimate racing league.
The year is 2068. Hot Wheels has unveiled the most amazing car racing experience.
The Infinite Loop is an all-new racing sport where extreme stunting, crashing, smashing, loops, and tricks make legends and dreams come true!

Price: US$15.99
Release: 22 Aug 2019
Developer: Mattel, Creative Mobile
Publisher: Mattel
Genre: Racing
Platform: Android, iOS
Mode: 8 players

Hot Wheels: Infinite Loop is a visually striking, adrenaline-pumping racer
The game requires strategic thinking and no small amount of skill to win online.

Mattel developers have made the fastest racing game ever and you can feel the adrenaline rush!
Best of all, it's made available for mobile gamers!
And also achieving the highest level of simultaneous user racing up to 8 players online at once.

• Race against players in real-time 8-player PVP battles
• Compete in tournaments for special rewards and epic prizes
• Challenge other racers and compete against the world

Smash & crash your way to the top
• Drift to fuel your boost and speed your way ahead of your rivals
• Smash and crash your Hot Wheels through New York and London
• Monstrous nemeses and clever traps are ready to take you down - avoid them at all cost!
Unlock, upgrade & collect legendary hot wheels
• Collect legendary Hot Wheels and add awesome skins
• Win rewards and level up by acquiring the rarest cars
• Maximize the performance of every Hot Wheels
Date: 22-Aug-19