JX3 剑网3 HD Remake
The epic Wu Xia MMORPG game about Martial Arts has a remake that showcases lots of exhilarating visuals and game play enhancements compared to the 1st version.
Touted as the World of Warcraft (WoW) in the China market, it has won the hearts of other Asia players as well.
The game greatly enhances the terrain vegetation rendering, scene light effects and SpeedTree and other engine effects.
Focusing on the traditional Chinese cultures such as poetry, song and dance, silk, guqin, drinking culture, tea art, and qin instrumental music.
The element is integrated into the game and presents the player with a magnificent and magnificent Datang world.
The enhanced ACT engine (physics engine) this game (Jian Wang 3) offers rich and detailed graphics and improved game effects.

Price: Free to Play
Released: 30 September 2010
Developer: Kingsoft Software Xishanju and Jinshan 
Engine: Crystal Tools
Publishers: Seasun Holdings Ltd
Platform: Playstation 4, Windows(Steam)
Designer: Akihiko Yoshida, Hiromichi Tanaka, Nobuaki Komoto

In this remake of the popular JX game, you can check out the comparison video to find out how greatly the graphics differ.

In 745 AD, it was Datang Tianbao for four years. In August of this year, Yang Yuhuan was formally established as Yang Guilu and began her decade-long career. In the same year, An Lushan was enshrined in the imperial court and the prosperity of Chang’an provoked the fire of ambitions in his heart again. However, SkyCity’s government gave him endless shock. He never thought of Datang. Such a strong force. In order to achieve his own purpose, An Lushan persuaded Yang Guozhong to help the Gods and Warriors to suppress Tianze and began secretly planning to organize his own army, the Spike Army. At the same time, there was the momentum of the entire Central Plains Wulin that shocked An Lushan. He knew that the Tibetan swords and famous swords conference he knew, if you want to really enter the Central Plains, then it is bound to solve the grief of the Central Plains Wulin forces. At this time, a mysterious person entered the camp of Anlu Mountain. The story of Jian Wang 3 also started from this year.

There are 13 classes and each class wield their own unique clan weapons. The clans when created will start on different parts of the map.

Character Creation
The game offers deeply rich and detailed customization of your hero character. From facial to their body and clothings.

Game Play
You begin at the head of martial arts schools and your coach will teach you some martial arts.
You will learn about internal strengths and harnessing on your inert abilities to fight battles.
Special abilities can be earned and equipped to improve your abilities.
Your abilities can be improved by acquiring potent pills that can greatly enhance your abilities too.
E.g. Jiuhua Yulu Pills and Nayuan Dan.

When you roam outside of town into the perils of the world, you have various moves to fend and attack enemies.
There is a passive move, which is automatically activated when certain conditions are satisfied.
Active abilities requires clicking an icon or corresponding shortcut key to activate them.

Access to items and equipment is divided into PVE and PVP mode.
PVE is based on falling, life skills manufacturing, accumulating corresponding reputation in exchange for equipment, as well as rivers and lakes contribution and chivalrous value exchange.
PVP mainly through the camp daily and the size of the camp offensive and defensive collection of prestige exchange equipment, and the Battle Rank is used to enhance the battle order to achieve the exchange conditions, it is worth mentioning that according to different battle stages can be exchanged equipment quality is also different.
Another way to get PVP is to fight for treasure chests every Wednesday and Friday.

The game offers various terrains that explores the various pugilistic world of the various clans in game.
Wicked Valley
A difficult terrain that makes defending hard. It is even hard for the regular army to enter the valley.

There is strong emotional relationship where players can get truly engaged in the storyline and people around them in game. Love, hate co-exists in-game to give a sense of involvement in the martial world.

The task system and has thousands of different tasks to choose from.
Players are free to choose their own destiny, through the task of self-improvement at the same time understand the entire game world development context. In addition to understanding the game, it also adds various special tasks, and these mini games are independent of the main game, so that players can enjoy taking up the tasks while following the main quest.

Secondary Skills
Appreciate the charm of poetry and song in the Tang Dynasty.
Enjoy the fine life, china rivers and lakes that gives a enchanting experience for you.

Meridian system
The game focuses on 2 inert abilities of each clan.
And each clan player abilities are divided into melee combat, healer and swordsmen.
The abilities of swordsmen range from hidden attacks, light weight and heavy armed swords.

Five Element Stones
To obtain these stones, you can join guilds in game and earn guild points to purchase them.
These stones have different grades and can be refined to bring about more enhancement to your weapons.
Some rare weapons will provide sockets to let you embed the 5 element stones in them, boosting your stats and abilities greatly. A maximum of 3 is given per weapon.

Upon reaching level 90, you will become eligible to recruit your own apprentices.
And each hero has variety of ways to recruit apprentices.
Right clicking on the name of players online in the open area to request invite them as apprentice.
Apprenticeship window lets you to find apprentices and new heroes will randomly appear in the interface.
Apprentice in the vicinity who are looking for mentor can send a request to a mentor.
If the mentor agrees, the apprentice will be successful.
When the apprentice reaches the 90th grade, he will automatically take over as the mentor.
If the original mentor wants to continue, he will become a pro-familiar apprenticeship.
There can only be 1 mentor within a region and the master can only have 1 mentor while the new mentor can have 2 apprentice.

Imperial Examination System
In order for someone to qualify as a mentor, the game offers the Keju system that is divided into 2 parts: "provincial test" and "interview test."
Provincial test is a preliminary test that any player can participate.
At the end, participants need to pass the provincial test to qualify for the player promotion.
Imperial Examination Time:
Provincial trial time: Monday 00:00 - Sunday 24:00
Interview time: Saturday 20:00 - Sunday 24:00
Release time: Monday at 07:00 - Monday at 24:00

Prison system
The new "Jail" system will open up new scene maps.
It is a mountainous area that the government has opened up on the outskirts of Luoyang.
The place is strictly guarded and it is difficult to escape once inside.
Maps of different scenes include bureaucrats, jail, tunnels, broken wooden boxes, iron chains, hook torture instruments, and other buildings or objects, as well as prison officers, jailers, villains, prisoners, and other different NPCs.
Through the jail system, players can freely choose to do good or evil from outside the camp and gang. If there is a player who chooses to be evil, an enemy of the secular government and all players will experience a different and precarious life.
Players can choose "Assassination" to become a professional killer, and the prison system will use "kill value" as the core to derive a series of trigger events such as "All Wanted", Arrest, Bribery, and "Prison Break"

Customizing Facial Looks
The game uses a pinch face system to achieve special effects and skeletal animation to your hero.
Offering aesthetic looks and significantly improving the facial expressions.
Using virtual facial bone technology, the game provides nearly 50 contour customization options, including contours for overall face, mouth and nose and many other details.
All options are controlled by sliders, giving the player high Degree of freedom choice. 

Pet System
The game offers you pets that are based on the ecology of rivers and lakes and are divided into 4 categories: sea, land, air, and mechanical types.
They will not be part of your battle team and usually appears in festivals, traditions and exploring in the world. Using the pet card let's you keep track of your pet records.

City Battle System
In an open camp battle, 2 clans will fight by riding on their machines.
The machines can be upgraded via the Divine tree through.
Combatants can win prestige rewards and get a lot of battle requests if they are skillful.

Treasure Hunting
Gather precious materials left in the rivers and lakes.
Players can accumulate fortune and experience, and obtain all kinds of rare materials during the treasure digging.
Players will have the opportunity to encounter fierce wild beasts, mischievous thief and even excavate the entrance of special secrets.
Joining hands with young partners to perform Indiana Jones. Chivalrous zealots who are passionate about digging treasures will also have the opportunity to obtain tailored, high-quality "digging treasure suits" that will facilitate the extra attributes of treacherous mountains and waters to quickly add to Chevalier’s adventures

Date: 09-Apr-18