Luigi's Mansion 3
Mario's half brother Luigi has gotten a free holiday stay in a beautiful hotel with his friends Mario, Princess Peach.
Unfortunately, there's something spooky and it has captured all his friends.
Luigi's only way to save his friends is to use spooky gadgets to find and save them from scary ghosts and other spiritual monsters!
The earlier predecessor Luigi's Mansion 2 from Nintendo 3DS and GameCube is back for more spooky actions in close proximity!
Luigi has a new Poltergust vacuum called the Poltergust G-00, that can fire plungers, use the Strobulb, and use jet propulsion to jump.
There are various new ghosts and scary traps that lurks in the hunted castle.


Price: US$79.99
Release: 31 October 2019
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Next Level Games
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Genre: Action Adventure
Mode: Single Player

Game Play
The game includes a mini-map on top right screen for gamers to see where the ghosts and points of interests are.
Luigi will be able to use his ghost sucking machine to such ghosts inside, move objects as well.
The game comes with a torch light which will help you to see better in the dark, especially in creepy dangerous situations.
The game will also features characters from the dark moon series.
So perhaps a time lapse based game play will boost the realism and spooky fun factor.


Date: 28-May-19