Path of the Warrior
We interrupt this broadcast with breaking news...chaos in the streets of Rage City tonight!
The myriad local gangs, once at constant war with each other have now unified under a mysterious new crime boss...
Mr. S. Thugs have flooded the entire city, unleashing a wave of terror. 
The police are overwhelmed and the public is in imminent danger! 
Can anyone put a stop to the crime wave?
Can anyone save Rage City?

Price: US$19.99
Release: 13 Dec 2019
Developer: Twisted Pixel Games
Publisher: Oculus Studios
Genre: Beat'em Up VR
Platform: Windows(Steam)
Mode: single player

If you've loved classic Arcade and Sega games in the 90s.
Path of the Warrior is a literal conversion of that to the VR world.
For all intents and purposes, it's a spiritual successor to Streets of Rage, Final Fight, or Double Dragon game.
If you want to experience a VR versions, you can literally punch bad guys, pick up stuff, and beat up bosses.

Path of the Warrior takes place in a town called Rage City.
And you often fight in the streets.

Date: 19-Dec-19