Plants vs Zombies - Battle for Neighborville
This wacky plant-on-zombie conflict will take you to the outer edges of Neighborville and back again.
Play with your favorite people in every mode.
Jump into six online multiplayer modes and join forces with lawn-inspiring split-screen couch co-op* in every mode.
Customize every character before the battle.
Discover 20 fully customizable plant and zombie classes, including a Team Play class for each faction.

Price: US$49.90
Release: 18 October 2019 (Free Trial)
Developer: PopCap Games
Engine: Frostbite
Genre: Third-person shooter
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows(Steam)
Mode: 1-2 Player, Multiplayer online (Active Internet connection required to play all modes)

The tension across the terra has expanded and it's getting more dangerous venture to the outer edges of Neighborville in 3 free-roam regions, crazy maps and more.

There's a brand-new bloom and doom to discover Neighborville’s newest residents and your favorite heroes.
Play with your favorite people in every mode.
Experience the unbeleafable thrills of combat in six online multiplayer modes, including the new 4v4 Battle Arena.

Game Play
Relish on the classic heroes of Plants vs Zombies and the new ones in this fun filled version!
Since PVZ2, snapdragon is a true classic and will come hurling his fiery breath once again.
New zombies include Electric Slide who will dance away whilst zapping her enemies.
Night Cap is a blinker mushroom that blinks across unknowing enemies and finish them with his fung-fu moves.
You can either play solo or with your friends in co-op split screen mode.

Valentine Day Season
Love bites in February’s Valenbrainz Festival! Get gussied up in fanciful customizations, unlock a powerful new legendary upgrade, and play a fresh Turf Takeover map, Preserve Pastures.
Then, stay tuned for Luck O’ the Zombie in March where love spells turn to… well, just plain spells.
Wizard Zombie is coming and that’s no hocus-pocus!

Christmas Season Expansion
The new expansion DLC Feastivus Holiday is now available for free to existing gamers.
Explore the all-new, extra-messy map, Oozevoir, visit frosty free-roam regions filled with festivities, and earn seasonally sensational surprises in the Feastivus Prize Map. It’s all here in this joyous holiday romp.

Battle Modes
Team vs Team - Go head on with a 1 team survival game that supports up to 24 simultaneous players!
In single game mode, you get to fight evil zomboss once again, and this time he will be flying right out to outerspace just to battle with you!

12 stages that comes with it's own unique looks of hyper realistic stages that feels like they jumped out of a movie.
These stages are completely remade to add more fun than the previous series of PVZ.
  1. The FUNderdome
    A home to the town’s favorite pastime: Rulesketball, a sport where the only rule is there are a lot of rules. But when plants and zombies are fighting, the FUNderdome becomes their Battle Arena, where the only rule is there are only a few rules. Only Available for Battle Arena.
    From Dave Manor, the plants’ HQ, in Sundrop Hills to Zomboss HQ in Pressure Pier, Neighborville Town Center is where your journey begins.
  3. Mount Steep
    A great place for Neighborvillians to learn about history, mining, and dust. But the real draw is the Cheese Factory.
    The Z-Tech Factory close to Camp Near-a-Lake is surrounded by Dreadwood’s angry trees and angrier roots, trapping zombies inside.
    Some of the world’s largest dinosaurs were discovered in these mines. The Enormosaurus. The Tremenduceratops. Even the B-Rex.
    Watching Sunflower battle an Imp from a house that's been raised off the ground by Z-Tech thingamabobs? Just a typical day in Neighborville.
    Dr. Zomboss wants to plant a flag in Rocky Flats and is starting by drilling a huge hole in the middle of it. The plants must stop him!
    The Z-Tech Factory is under fluffy siege thanks to the plants’ Mallowmortar. Send in s’more reinforcements!
    Zombies are spreading Signal Boosters to hack the TV station and launch the Brainzcasting Network: “TV So Good, You Don’t Need Brainz.”
    What did the gnomes use this ancient temple for? A place to store hundreds of carved stones they accidentally ordered online? Who knows!
    Where does a zombie get all those wonderful traffic cones, buckets, screen doors, and tackle dummies? Why, the Z-Tech Factory of course!
    Ever wonder why lighthouses look like rockets that can launch brain-finding satellites into space? Us neither.
With new acorn, popcorn plants and zany zombies that flies on footballs carrying a zappy gun.
There's so much of unique blend of characters to keep fans of the PvZ series to try all of them out.
Each stage feels custom built for a different feel, and the details of each landscape is something worth checking out.
But one character we most definitely miss is User Dave and his talking computer car?

Date: 17-Oct-19