Punishing: Gray Raven
Punishing: Gray Raven is a 3D action RPG game with a sci-fi post-apocalyptic theme.
Developed by an indie game studio in (Guangzhou).
You will become the commander and lead the last hope of mankind - the bionic human form structure to fight against the mechanical army infected by the Punishing virus.
Use your judgment, flexibly slide your fingertips, trigger different skill moves, and play a gorgeous battle at the end of the world!

Download the game via our in-page link to enjoy this entralling game.

Price: TBC
Release: 3 Dec 2019
Developer: Kurogame Technology Co. Ltd.
Publisher: Kurogame Technology Co. Ltd.
Genre: Action RPG
Platform: Android, iOS
Mode: Single Player

Punishing: Gray Raven (战双帕弥什) story takes place in the near future of 2079.
Fusion technology has brought humanity into the golden age of high degree of unity and rapid development. However, due to human's ultimate exploration of basic science, it finally touched the taboo field, and the virus, symbolized "punishing", suddenly broke out.
The fragile human body was quickly destroyed by the virus, while the infected machine was controlled by the virus and turned into a violent slaughtering machine.
After less than a century of resistance, the once highly prosperous human civilization has almost lost its trace on the planet.
The survivors are in exile in deep space, as an alternative to the numerous mechanical infectious organisms that roam the earth.
And you will play the role of a "saviour" with the last hope of human civilization, the "structure", on your journey back to Earth.

Punishing: Gray Raven is developed by an indie game company in China, however the game looks nothing short of pulling off a high octane, adrenaline pumping slick action rpg game to the highly competitive mobile game industry.
A strange thing about the game is that you need to register and verify with a real chinese name in order to register and login to play the game.

Concept Trailer

Game Play
Looking for a blazing fast sword fighting action adventure game that is a spiritual successor to Honkai Impact?
Then try out Punishing: Gray Raven, which features 8 futuristic heroes each with their own unique abilities.
You can choose to be a swords mastery girl with blazing fast dash attacks and lightning speed sword blazing.
Or a girl with hovering guns and black hole bombs. An archer girl with varying choices of fast shooting arrows.
A girl with a large black canon that deals heavy damage, or a dual wield gun slinger with lots of bullet shooting options.
The era of counterattack has begun.
May every son of humankind return to the earth be safe.

The game offers up to 4 characters you can choose from, and will offer 4 more heroes in the future.

Date: 09-Feb-20