Sdorica Sunset

Sdorica Sunset features accents of rich storytelling, polished animations, and impressive skill powers.
After 2 years of dedication the game is ready to deliver a hybrid between classic turn based strategies with fairytale graphics, bringing refreshing gameplay experience to anticipating players.
Follow dozens of unique characters as they step into the past, present and future history of the story.
This game is so artistically done that it has brought much hype for the awaiting fans.

Price: Free to play(In-app-purchase)
Release: 5 Sep 2017
Genre: Action Adventure
Developer: Rayark|
Publisher: Rayark International Limited
Platform: Android, iOS

This early introduction video was well received and brought a very refreshing view of the game.
Watch this teaser trailer to see how alive interesting the concept is.

Game Play
You begin with 3 players at the start of the game, a healer, archer and tiger.
As you complete the initial level, you will obtain Crystallines, which can be used to infuse into create Character Mineral. Different characters will require different amount of Character Mineral to craft them out.
Using 10 x Crystalline will yield higher level heroes than just 1 Crystalline.
When you defeat enemies, you get Curren(game currency), soul energies and Crystalline.
Crystalline are used to level up a select hero.
A special feature in this game is Resonate, by using materials collected in the game, they be used to instantly level up a select hero.
By leveling up a hero, the hero will also upgrade / learn new skills.
In the questing, you choose which stage to explore, then head to select which level of the stage to begin.
There is the freedom to select what challenge you prefer as higher level players might just want to jump straight to the difficult levels.
Questing (achievement) will also earn you Crystalline and other various bonus rewards when completed.
In this game, you get to battle bosses with powerful magical attacks and special moves.

Before a battle begins, you get to choose which 3 heroes to bring and an assistant.
The assistant we believe is an online player main character which is randomly listed for your selection.
There various classes such as healer, archer, mage and melee heroes to choose from.
The game allows players to decide what level of power to use to attack enemies by swiping on the number of cards to use on the bottom screen.
The type of cards that appear are random, so user will have to decide which cards to use before swiping.
Using each card will remove the card and new ones will replace the position of the used cards.

Watch the game player video below to get a better understanding of the interactive menu system with a nice unique concept.

Forming your own guild allows you to add party members and also gain bonus rewards.

Date: 18-May-17