Sky: Children of Light
Connecting you in a world where you can fly around the heavenly skies with other characters in a mystical world is heavenly.
From the creators of Journey and Flower is another intuitive UI game that changes the immersive feeling of playing games.
Set in the landscape of a huge ancient civilization that's in ruins and where you will experience will be a constant evolving environment where things will change over time.

Price: Free to play(Offer in app purchase)
Release: 18 Jul 2019
Developer: Thatgamecompany
Publisher: Thatgamecompany
Mode: Single Player
Genre: Adventure
Platform: iOS, Apple TV

Embark on an unforgettable social adventure in an ever-changing kingdom of compassion, community, and wonder.
Written in the stars, a beautifully-animated kingdom waiting to be explored by you and your loved ones.
Hand in hand, take flight across seven realms, solve mysteries, help others, make friends, and create enriching memories together.
Spread Light through the desolate kingdom and return the fallen Stars to their constellations.

Game Play
As you explore the realms, there are many ways to help others, build friendships and evolve your character.
As an ever-expanding social adventure, there are many things to do once you arrive in the kingdom of Sky.
Here is an introductory video of what to expect when you first fly in.

6 essentials quest guides
  1. Find the spirit of each realm.
  2. Earn season candles by completing daily quests
  3. Collect seasonal items by giving candles to the spirits
  4. Share graciousness at hidden shrines
  5. Earn hearts from your friends
  6. Complete the constellation for each kingdom, collect winged lights to help you fly higher
Date: 18-Nov-17