The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
The very first version of Zelda on the Nintendo Gameboy that hit the world by storm is finally back after 25 years of history.
Bestowed as one of the favorite Zelda games by Zelda fans.
It's also great to see for the first time in hi-def full color format as the original version had only 2 bit color in Gameboy.

Official Trailer

Price: US$14.50 - US$799.99 (GBA), US$59.99 (Switch)
Release: 20 Sep 2019 (Switch), NES 6 June 1993, (Switch version TBA)
Composer: Minako Hamano
Platform: Game Boy, Nintendo 3DS
Writer: Yoshiaki Koizumi, Kensuke Tanabe
Developer: Nintendo, Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: RPG
Mode: Single

Link has washed ashore on a mysterious island with strange and colorful inhabitants.
To escape the island, Link must collect magical instruments across the land and awaken the Wind Fish.

Story Trailer with Zelda Sound Track!

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening has one of the best multi-level game design for it's time in the RPG world.
There are currently no specific launch dates.

Back in 1993, Nintendo launched the GameBoy monotone color and subsequently an updated color version (dubbed Link's Awakening DX) following in 1998.
And much later in 2011, the 3DS version was launched which featured a more mature 3D graphics.

Unlike most other Zelda series, the game world is not set in Hyrule.
Focusing rather on the mysterious Koholint Island.
After being shipwrecked, Link is washed ashore on the island and can only escape by retrieving 8 magical instruments and awakening the isle's guardian, the Wind Fish.

Game Play
Explore a reimagined Koholint Island that’s been faithfully rebuilt in a brand-new art style that will entice fans and newcomers alike.
Battle enemies as you conquer numerous dungeons and uncover the hidden secrets of the island.
Encounter Super Mario enemies like Goombas, Piranha Plants, and more, and interact with unique locals who help Link on his adventure. As you clear dungeons throughout the main story, earn dungeon rooms (Chambers), then arrange them into custom layouts in the all-new Chamber Dungeon. Place your dungeon entrance, Nightmare room, and everything in between as you try to fulfill objectives and play through a new dungeon.
Tap compatible amiibo figures to earn more Chambers and and additional Chambers throughout the game in updated mini-games, such as the river rapids, trendy game, and fishing.


  • As Link, explore a reimagined Koholint Island and collect instruments to awaken the Wind Fish to find a way home
  • Explore numerous dungeons, riddled with tricks, traps, and enemies, including some from the Super Mario series
  • Meet and interact with unique locals to get help on your adventure
  • Listen to a reawakened soundtrack that helps bring life to Koholint Island
  • Earn Chambers (Dungeon Rooms) and arrange them to complete objectives in the all-new Chamber Dungeon.
  • Complete dungeons throughout the story to earn their rooms for the Chamber Dungeon.
  • Earn additional chambers in mini-games and by tapping any amiibo figure featuring a Legend of Zelda character.

Date: 14-Feb-19