The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor
The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor is an open world mobile MMORPG developed by the best RPG creator in Korea.
It is a mobile spin-off game for the popular Korean light novel series.
Role play in many different jobs. Take on boss raids with team of 5!
Players will be able to experience the rich varied world of the series on smart devices.

Price: TBA
Release: TBA
Developer: Kakao Games
Publisher: XLGAMES Inc.
Mode: Multiplayer online
Platform: Android, iOS

“Those who conquer this world will take enormous wealth.”
Developed by a genius scientist who has taken decades of development.

An epic of adventurers in the vast world of Versailles, including battles, life, parties, sculptures and hidden quests .

And one of them is hailed as the legendary moon sculpture.

Man of 30 billion obtains the continental hero leading the rulers and then the Royal Road leading adventurers.
Weed is now beyond the footsteps to become the ultimate adventurer appeared.

Moonlight Engraver, the best-selling book in the game's fantasy novel genre!
The protagonist of the novel, the legendary user 'Weed' and the adventurer's journey with him became more than actual MMORPG fans.

Now more than that becomes a reality.
Enter into the world of your own 'goal', 'moonlight sculpture' let's you have variety of 'life contents'.
Be a village headman, knight leader, and king, house keeper, sculptor, producer and cooking.
It is a game of varied choices!

Date: 07-Oct-19