The Surge 2
Experience a 3D open exploration with another player in a hyper realistic world filled with cybernetic humans that can transform into dangerous killing machines.
In the future of mankind, where life on the disdain Earth is filled with strange mechanical twists.
Go through the huge jungle of Jericho City.
Gain an advantage by obtaining a foray of upgrades and mix your own combat strategy to up the ante in this sci-fi survival adventure.

Price: TBA
Release: 2019
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Developer: Deck13
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Windows(Steam)
Mode: 1-2 Player
Genre: 3rd Person Perspective Fighting

The world of The Surge offers a grim vision of the future, one in which the evolution of our technology, our society and our relationship with the environment led to a decadent state of the Human condition.
The Surge features innovative combat mechanics and an original character progression system based on modular upgrades gained through tight, visceral combat.

Set in a dystopian future of Earth, the end of its long life, those who remain in the overpopulated cities need to work to survive as social programs become saturated by an ageing population and increasing environmental diseases.
As the intelligence of technology incrementally increased over the years, many jobs for the human race had been made redundant, forcing Earth's people to flee to the suburbs seeking labor, aided by exoskeletons to improve their efficiency.

Game Play
The Surge 2 brings a plethora of unique game features, that make it an interesting game for 2019.
When fighting, you can target specific areas of enemies and have special modifications.
A special weapon, a cloaking field generator and more.
Deciding which part to attack first now comes with an extra layer of strategy.
Character creation is now customizable via the game’s new character creator, with straightforward and versatile selections.
Salvaging parts from fallen enemies can let you upgrade your hero.
With the aid of a drone, they can now fight alongside with you whilst equipped with ranged weapons.
With an evolving storyline, you get to make your own choices and change your situations.
Do note however, there will not be multiple endings.

The game offers real time hardcore combat system which supports dynamic limb targeting, deep character progression.
Brutal combat and tactics includes more abilities, weapons, implants and drones which gives players a vast arsenal to enhance their character.
Brand new environment includes sprawling, devastated city with larger more ambitious level design.

Dodging, blocking and parrying will allow you to extend a wealth of possibilities to tons of options to counter enemies.

For professional players, your defense maneuvers allows you to either duck or short hop to evade enemy attacks and allows you to immediately counter attack enemies with immense power.

Combat drones
Your faithful combat drones offers several different modules such as EMP grenades, gattling guns, charged lasers and industrial magnets and sniper rifles. They can be used as openers and finishers to a fight and also in-between fights.
Drones in PvP can be used to decorate places to indicate to your teams to serve as markers; drones can also place banners that will rewards players when they find it.

Revenge Enemies
These appear when an enemy has been slain and upgraded by slaying another player.

Each body part can be dismembered during sword fighting

Exosuits are fully customizable, from head to legs gears.
Each gear will also change your attributes.
Drones assistant
Date: 17-Dec-18