Ultimate Rivals: The Rink
Play as your favorite athlete in Ultimate Rivals: The Rink on Apple Arcade.
With fifty-eight pro athletes. From 5 sports. All on one rink.
It's a frenetic arcade-like gameplay '90s kids grew up with, along with an insane new twist: You can use players across different sports leagues. Think of it as a playable version of the classic cartoon ProStars.

Price: Free to try
Release: 12 Dec 2019
Developer: Bit Fry
Publisher: Bit Fry
Genre: Sports
Platform: iOS(Apple Arcade)
Mode: Single player

Choose between a wide range of league teams, from NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL Players Association, WNBA and the US Women's Soccer Team.
With tons of rooster available purely from ice hockey standpoint, you can even call back retired legends like Wayne Gretsky.
If you've played rocket league, the rules are easy to understand and it actually games much like soccer and hockey.

Date: 20-Dec-19