What The Golf?
The golf game for people who hate golf.
A silly physics-based golf parody where every golf course is a new surprising type of golf, some brilliant or hilarious, others so absurd they will make you go: WHAT THE GOLF?
Release: October 2019 (Apple Arcade + Epic Store), Steam + All other consoles 2020
Price: US$13.99(Epic Store)
Developer: Triband
Genre: Casual Sport
Platform: Apple Arcade, Epic Store, Nintendo Switch, Linux, Mac OSX, Windows(Steam) 2020
Publisher: Triband, Fig, The Label Limited
Nomination: The Game Award for Best Mobile Game

If you're not a fan of golf, don't worry, this game plays like no other golf game.
Only the concept of flinging a projectile or propulsion of any sort is all you will need to know.

It's hilarious and lovely at the same time.
With hidden gems and references to crazy concepts, and occasionally challenging as you progress along the way.
It's a journey through a strange and surprising world where everything is golf even when it isn't.

With clean crispy 3D graphics and pleasant soothing music, it's just relaxing to play.

Game Play
The simple easy to learn mechanics will allow pick up the game fast.
Just pull back, aim, and release.
This same control scheme is used in every level of the game, and for moving around the map between holes and levels - though when golf turns into bowling, cycling, archery, soccer, or any of the other things it routinely turns into, finishing the level is rarely as clear cut as it can get.

The projectile might just be yourself, being a cat, human, crab or even a bomb!

Each level has different ranks, hit the flag with the golf ball (or whatever it is you're flinging across the level at, which can be a ball, a club, a hat, a house, a bomb, a bicycle, a horse, yourself, or a dozen other things) and you can optionally try a more difficult challenge, usually to complete the level in a certain amount of moves or within a time limit. 

There's also a final challenge for each hole that awards you a crown, which is often a twist on the level itself or a completely different activity, and it usually isn't more difficult than anything that's come before. Complete each level on all three ranks and you'll unlock a nice little trophy, like a chicken or a spaceship or, oddly enough, a trophy.

In addition to the ever changing levels, there's a bunch of other video games delightfully incorporated into What the Golf?, including Portal, Guitar Hero, Metal Gear Solid (yes, there is stealth golfing), Flappy Bird, and plenty more.

It's a fun game for people who take gaming on a less serious level.

Date: 04-Dec-19