DOTA 2 introduces new granny hero Snapfire
DOTA 2 introduces a new granny hero who has a pet dragon and she's pulling some punches on DOTA 2 heroes.

Snapfire is a granny with an adorable dragon mount and they will be joining the roster sometime this fall.

As she rides her trusty steed to battle Timbersaw and chase down a Batrider that stole her freshly-baked cookies gets a lesson for underestimating her as a granny.
Snapfire’s in-game abilities hints at using a shotgun rifle, mounted guns on the back of her dragon and what appear to be buff-granting cookies that gives her dragon the ability to throw fire ball at enemies. 

Check out the trailer below for more details.

Price: Free
Release: Winter 2019
Game: DOTA 2
Platform: Windows(Steam only)
Genre: MOBA
Mode: Multiplayer online

Based on the trailer showed, she being on her dragon, Snapfire’s classification will likely land closer to an Agility complexity hero. 

Speculation will flood the Dota community as fans anxiously wait for her release before the end of the year.
DOTA 2 fans hope that Snapfire will be released in a more usable state than Mars was earlier this year.

Date: 23-Aug-19