GameMove Awards 2019 Winners
The most awaited Award-Winning games for 2019 are finally out!
There's been an incredible amount of wonderful games released in 2019, out of the hundreds of games, we've finally derived the answer to what is the best out there.
It is near impossible to give an award to all genres and categories as the number of categories and genres have expanded vastly over the past decade!
Nevertheless, we've collated categories to encompass most games.
Here is the outcome from the finalist of the nominated games.

Game of the Year

Astral Chain also wins Best Adventure game!
Game of the Year
Astral Chain

Best Adventure Game
Astral Chain

Best Beat 'Em Up Game

Best Cinematic in Game
Death Stranding

Best Mobile Game
Black Dessert Mobile

Best RPG Game
Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

Best Shooter Game
Metro Exodus

Best Sound Design
Resident Evil 2: Remake

Best Racing Game
Hot Wheels: Infinite Loop

Best VR Game
Concrete Genie

Best Puzzle Game
The Sojourn

Best Strategy Game
Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Best Retro Style Game
Gunlord X

Most Enjoyable Casual Game

Most Scary Game
Resident Evil 2

Best Sports Game
What The Golf?

Date: 04-Jan-20