Playstation 5 Console Official Release Date Announced by Sony
Playstation 5 has been officially announced by Sony that will be released on winter 2020!
It will be equipped with a custom SSD that runs on ultra-high speed and the loading time of games will be much faster.
The game supports 8K resolution and is compatible with PlayStation 4 titles!
PlayStation VR may also be supported.
Physical disc media will be adopted.
The PS5 runs on Ultra HD Blu-ray and the capacity a game disc is rumored to support 100GB.
This is the console that might be the real Playstation 5 as it is filed under patent by Sony!

PS5 Concept Design by Artist

The controller is equipped with "haptic technology" instead of conventional force feedback vibration technology.
The L2 and R2 buttons will use adaptive triggers that reacts with resistance, creating an overwhelming sense of immersion in gameplay.

There is very little new information about the CPU and GPU of the PS5.
PS5 was first announced to adopt a custom chip that combines AMD's "Zen 2" architecture 8-core CPU and AMD's "Radeon DNA" architecture GPU-APU if called AMD.
In a Wired article announced on same day as SIE press release says that the GPU core supports hardware raytracing acceleration.

The CPU is compatible with 16 threads as well as 8 cores, as the Zen 2 architecture supports Simultaneous Multi Threading (SMT).
The detailed specifications and performance of APU will be clarified in the future.

PS5 Concept + Features Console

PS5 Concept Controller

Hardware Overview
Game Console Unit
Sony Custom SSD (ultra-high speed access)
Built-in AMD custom chip
CPU: x86-64-AMD Ryzen "Zen2", 8 cores, 16 threads
GPU: AMD Radeon RDNA (Radeon DNA) based graphics engine (with ray tracing acceleration support)
Dedicated unit for 3D audio processing
Supports up to 8K resolution output in games
Designed for compatibility with PlayStation 4 titles
PlayStation VR compatible

PS5 Controller
Haptic technology
Adaptive trigger that makes L2 and R2 buttons with forced resistance.

To be unveiled PS5 controller (How it might look like)

Physical media
Ultra HD Blu-ray
Capacity as a game disc is 100GB

Date: 08-Oct-19